The North, Central America and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation (NORCECA) is an incorporated, non-profit organization responsible for all volleyball activities that take place in its zone.  NORCECA is the continental confederation that represents its thirty-five (35) member countries at the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) level.  The Confederation is responsible for, among other things, the staging of Olympic and World Championship zone qualification tournaments, as well as continental championships for both men and women in Indoor and Beach Volleyball.  In 2003, NORCECA celebrated its thirty-fifth (35th) anniversary.


During the 1966 Caribbean and Central American Games held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the idea of the NORCECA concept was born.  At that time it was known as the Caribbean and Central American Zone.  The development of the NORCECA Confederation came from the visionary mind of today’s  former FIVB President, Dr. Rubén Acosta Hernández, in conjunction with several other sportsmen from Puerto Rico, Cuba and Haiti.  NORCECA was formally created by the FIVB and its President, Mr. Paul Liband in 1968, when Canada and the United States of America joined the Confederation.  Its first Senior Championship was held in Mexico from Aug 4-9, 1969 and the inaugural game featured Haiti vs. Panama, with Haiti winning 3-0.  NORCECA’s first Junior Championship was staged in 1980.


NORCECA governs, manages and promotes all forms of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball for the North, Central America and Caribbean continent. It aims to develop Volleyball within each and every affiliated National Federation, guaranteeing that it complies with the FIVB’s Rules and Regulations.


To be the main organizational and legislative support of all affiliated National Federations, so that it results in significant technical advancements of the game in the region, athlete’s performance, the professionalism of its coaches and the excellence of the organization of events.


To contribute to the organizational strengthening of all affiliated National Federations, improving the quality of its members and the efficiency of their services.  To integrate North, Central America and Caribbean countries from a global perspective, to assist in finding answers to the development of Volleyball in their respective countries.  To positively apply all FIVB Rules and Regulations, with respect to its logical, psychological and socio cultural factors on our Confederation.  To promote strategic planning among our affiliated National Federations to guarantee the systematic advancement of Volleyball within our Confederation, so they may be at a competitive level with the other FIVB affiliated National Federations.  To create the appropriate marketing conditions for the commercialization of NORCECA official events and other international events organized by our affiliated National Federations.

Norceca Today

With the elected administration at the 2002 Congress celebrated in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  At this Congress, 23 countries and 4 represented by proxies, participated, for a total of 27 affiliated National Federations.  The newly elected President was Mr. Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz, who was tasked with leading the Confederation to achieve great goals, and as a first measure, to create new working commissions besides the ones that already existed.

Norceca´s Structure

Representing all affiliated National Federations, the NORCECA’s Congress is the supreme authority. Convened every two (2) years, the Congress elects the President and members of the Board every four (4) years. The Board of Administration is responsible for the overall management of NORCECA, overseeing the work of the National Federations and Commissions, as well as appointing Officials, including members of the Executive Committee.  NORCECA’s President is personally accountable to the Congress and the Board of Administration, and he is responsible for executing the decisions of the Board and Congress with help from Executive Committee members. The Executive Committee is composed of Board members and each member is charged with important and specific responsibilities.

The Secretary General is accountable for the ongoing management and administration of NORCECA, implementing Board and Congress decisions and ensuring that the Constitution, Regulations and NORCECA decisions are respected. National Federations are responsible for Volleyball in their respective countries, while Commissions are established to support NORCECA’s actions in their mandated area and are accountable to NORCECA for the fulfillment of their duties in accordance with the Confederation President’s decisions. Organizational & Operational Chart


NORCECA is seeking to share its success with sponsors and mass media.  NORCECA can offer access to a diversity of markets during the entire year, providing companies with the opportunity to associate their products with our athletes and Volleyball, by promoting the corporate message through millions of people.  To associate with NORCECA and Volleyball is a very positive and important step forward, for each company that wishes to broaden its horizons.


The scope of marketing opportunities offered by NORCECA are extensive: major events, annual competitions, specially tailored events and development programs are some of the properties being offered. Sponsors according to their products, have the opportunity to access benefits ranging from simple advertising to “name in title” of an event.  NORCECA in conjunction with its sponsors can make history through the successful association of its athletes and the sponsor’s commercial products.

Secure in  it´s Future

NORCECA is governed by its own Constitution and Regulations under the FIVB’S Constitution and Rules and Regulations, and operates from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in a fully equipped and resourced facility with the latest technologies and highly, trained personnel. NORCECA is in a position to provide effective leadership to its affiliated National Federations, their athletes and coaches. NORCECA receives funding from the FIVB, and gains revenue from the commercialization of its events. Under the financial control of an accountant certified by the Dominican government, NORCECA is audited every year by one of the world’s leading auditing firms assigned by the FIVB. 

Norceca’s Presidents have been

(1) Dr. Rubén Acosta Hernández (1968-1984)

(2) Libertario Pérez, Esq. (1984-1988)

(3) Luis R. Mendoza, Esq. (1988-2001)

(4) Mr. Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz (2001-Present)