Qualification to multi-sport event discussed in NORCECA

The meeting was directed by the president of the commission Ariel Sainz, from Cuba, under the supervision of the president of NORCECA Cristobal Marte Hoffiz.

The members of the commission, including the presidents of the four zonal associations within NORCECA, were informed about the qualification process to the Central American and Caribbean Games in El Salvador 2023, the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile 2023 and to the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

The participants received a complete report on the new competition system of the Volleyball Nations League (VNL), the FIVB World Championships and the ranking of FIVB and weight factor for the different competitions including the confederations events.

They also discussed different topics including the competition calendar for the different zones as well as NORCECA competitions of 2022 and 2023.

The participants also received a complete report of activities for the years 2020 (only two qualifying event to the Olympic Games) and 2021.