16 countries will compete in the 2024 Güibia NORCECA Tour

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, April 4, 2024.- A total of 16 countries will be taking action at the first stop of the 2024 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tour that will start this year in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

32 teams, 16 men and 16 women, confirmed their participation during the preliminary inspection held this Thursday seeking to advance from the preliminary group stage that begins this Friday at 8:00 am on the sand courts located on Güibia Beach in Santo Domingo .

The tournament consists of three days of competitions. On the first day of competition, 32 matches will be played, 16 matches per gender. The quarterfinals and semifinals will take place on Saturday and medal matches will be held on Sunday.


Women’s Teams: CAN Roskic/Kok, Vicek/Crossfield; CAY Tulloch/Powery; CRC Quesada/Núñez; CUB Amanda/Drik; DOM Taveras/Paniagua; ESA Vasquez/Vigil; GUA Monney/Aguilar; MEX Albarrán/Ramos, Torres/Vidaurrazaga; NCA López/Lolette; PUR Navas/González; SOUTH Koningverander/Balkaran; TTO Choon/Selvon; USA Harward/DeBerg, Savvy/Van Winkle.

Men’s Teams: ARU Toro/De La Cruz; CAN Chambers/Abrams, McNeil/Russell; CAY Jesario/Watson; CRC Dyner/Varela; DOM De Jesús/Martínez, Rosario/Maldonado; ESA Flores/Guatemala; GUA Maldonado/García; MEX Galindo/Aguirre; NCA Mora/Cascante; SKN Morton/Clerique; SOUTH Naarden/Sporkslede; USA Brewster/Friend, Harrison/Cory; ISV Penberthy/Mayer.