Alondra Tapia wins crown in Japan; MVP and honor student

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, March 5, 2023.- Alondra Tapia, tall and lean junior volleyball player, arrived in Dominican Republic after ending a dream year in Japan, where she was selected the Most Valuable Player of the Collegiate League with Furukawa-Gakuen High School while winning the crown after a 23-year drought, and graduating from high school with honors.

The athlete arrived from Japan with the president of the Women’s Volleyball National team Project, Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz and with director of International Relations of the Project, Milagros Cabral.

“I am very happy to achieved my goal to carry my team Furukawa-Gakuen High School into winning the championship, of being the Most Valuable Player and now to rest before joining practice with the team Reinas del Caribe”, said the Dominican player.

She claimed that studying in Japan for three years was a great experience, mostly by dealing with the language and the Japanese culture. She thanked Cristóbal Marte, Milagros Cabral and the Project for their support.

She also valued Japan’s education, as well as that of the teachings of her coach and teammates who received her with open arms.  

Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz, said that Alondra Tapia accomplished an amazing feat, where more than 1,832 schools participated in the national tournament, and she carried her team in becoming champions after 23 years without raising the trophy and for her great performance in being selected the Most Valuable Player.

“We are very happy, I am so proud for her, she was the most brilliant student at school and she was recognized for it, something that fills me with joy”, he added.

Marte said that Tapia wishes to enroll in the Nipon-Tokyo University, level one, among the best in Japan, where she will study Physical Education and they are now negotiating.

Marte added that this will be the first time for a Dominican to study in such a prestigious university. 

“Her behavior and results during classes will open doors for more Dominican athletes in Japan when school directors will visit Dominican Republic to offer another scholarship, which is a magnificent” he stated.

Milagros Cabral, the immortal of Sport, explained that she is glad about Alondra Tapia’s personal growth, who shared the great news that she will be present in the 2023 events of las Reinas del Caribe. Her mother was also at the airport to greet with great affection and love.