Argentina with strong beginning at Women’s U21 Pan Am Cup

LA PAZ, Baja California Sur, June 7, 2022.- Argentina had a strong beginning at the Women’s U21 Pan American Cup defeating Canada 3-0 (25-17, 25-8, 25-22) at La Paz Arena in Baja California Sur.

Argentina started off their pool C campaign with no difficulties and showed a solid performance overpowering Canada.

Argentina led 36-22 in attacks, 7-2 in blocks and finished with an overwhelming 12-4 margin in serves. Canada committed one less error than Argentina (19-20).

Opposite hitter Valentina Vaulet led Argentina with 16 points on 12 kills and 4 aces, followed by outside hitter Milena Margaria with 13 points on 8 kills, one block and 4 aces.

On Canada’s side, middle blocker Jenna Pollock scored 7 points.

Vaulet Valentina spikes ARG

On Wednesday in pool C, Canada faces the United States and Argentina goes up against Costa Rica.

Victoria Caballero, Capitana de Argentina: “We were focused on what was needed, serving well, receiving well, and defending well. We are a short team, we focused on defending and receiving which is our strength.”

Marcelo Silva, Head Coach of Argentina: “We played in the world championship last year, but we are coming out of the Pandemic where our training had to be creative. I am glad for my teams’ superior performance, they were concentrated during the three sets, they controlled the ball and knew where to direct their serves. They were more concentrated than Canada in every action of the game who could not take advantage of their height in attack”.

Emoni Bush, Captain of Canada: “We had a little bit of nerves starting out, but we brought it together in the first set; we finished the game a lot stronger than we started. We need to limit our errors; we are a strong team with strong hitters”.

Carolyn O’Dwyer, Head Caoch of Canada: “We started off nervous causing us to play a little tentative and it took us a while to get out of it to play a little more aggressive style which is how we play. Argentina did a great job and a lot was on our side”.