Brazil breezed past Costa Rica

TULSA, Oklahoma, USA, July 20, 2022 – Brazil finished pool play undefeated at 3-0 after beating Costa Rica on Wednesday, 3-0 (25-6, 25-8, 25-12) in the Girls U19 Pan American Cup at Cox Business Center Arena in Tulsa.

Brazil will get Thursday off and play in the semifinals on Friday. Costa Rica (0-3) will move to the fifth-place bracket.

Brazil led in kills (45-8), blocks (7-2) and aces (6-1). Brazil scored on 17 Costa Rica errors and committed 15. Inexperienced Costa Rica remained enthusiastic throughout the match and cheered every point they scored against Brazil.

Brazil opposite Manoela Forlin led all scorers with 14 points on 12 spikes and two aces. Middle blocker Juliana Palhano added 12 points, including two blocks.

Outside hitter Nazareth Mata had three points for Costa Rica.

Match action between Brazil and Costa Rica

Brazil Team Manager Jose Caetano: Of course we are very happy. It I very important to be first in the group because we have a day to rest, and it is good for the rest of the championship. Even though our group is still developing, the best thing has been that we are playing as a team.

Kareem Richards, coach of Costa Rica: “Today we lost to Brazil but o team improved. The team is growing and that is why we came here. The name of Brazil weighed too much at the beginning but the girls improved. For me it was a benefit for us. You do not face a team like Brazil every day.”