Coaches comment on their teams in the Final Six Women’s Cup

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, June 25, 2024.- This Tuesday the preliminary meeting of the Women’s Final Six Tournament was held and during it the coaches of the six participating teams commented on their expectations for the event.

Leivis García, coach of Cuba:

In this specific tournament we made some modifications to the roster and now we have a greater interrelation between experience and youth, we bring girls from a new cycle in projection for the next four years and we see a well-focused team where motivation is the greatest success that they have had until now.

Brad Rostratter, United States coach:

We bring a young and promising team, it is a group of athletes that will hopefully represent the United States with dignity in the future and I am excited that this group of girls will have their first experience in a senior competition.

Juan Carlos Núñez, Puerto Rico coach:

We are going to take the tournament very seriously in the sense that it will be the preamble to next week in which we have to go to the Philippines to try to qualify for the Nations League next year, we have just played a tournament in Puerto Rico to try to pick up the pace again with the young group we have for this tournament.

Marcos Kwiek, coach of the Dominican Republic:

We have just arrived from a difficult trip but we have very high expectations because it is the tournament prior to the Olympic Games so we have to try a few players, give them the opportunity to win their position and obviously we are at home so we are going to fight for a medal.

Nicola Negro, coach of Mexico:

 Expectations to continue our preparation in this season, which is a transition because we have not had major events and we want to guarantee our participation in the 2025 World Cup. In this tournament, the first two games do not count for us in the ranking, but we hope to be able to reach the semifinals. and have the chance to play games that give us points and thus guarantee that participation.

Carolyn O’Dwyer, Canada coach:

 Our expectations are high since although we brought a young team there are many players who have already participated before so we hope to fight for medals and demonstrate the talent that is rising in Canada.

Round Robin Schedule:

June 26, 2024

17:00 United States vs Mexico

19:00 Dominican Republic vs Cuba

June 27, 2024

17:00 Canada vs Mexico

19:00 Puerto Rico vs Cuba

June 28, 2024

17:00 United States vs Canada

19:00 Dominican Republic vs Puerto Rico