Coaches looking forward to Women’s Final Four Competition

The 2024 NORCECA Women’s Final Four is ready to take place at Salvador Dijols Coliseum in Ponce, Puerto Rico this week. Coaches are eagerly anticipating this event, which will award FIVB World Ranking Points for the Volleyball Nations League.

Head Coach Cuba – Leivis Osmani Garcia Leon

The preparation was short because many of the athletes arrived from their clubs in mid-May and the integration of the entire team was very brief. We have a very mixed squad in terms of age and experience, athletes already establishing themselves in the national team and others who join with good prospects, there is great motivation and a well-knit group. Our objective in this first event is to evaluate and study some girls who have not competed at this level and as a general purpose to increase the points in the ranking to achieve a classification for a possible VNL.


Head Coach Mexico – Nicola Negro

This year we have a larger roster of players than last year. We had roster organization problems before but at this moment we have a larger group that allows us to work better. Our preparation was short, we started in May with a restricted group and with the full team we have trained for only five days. We are here starting the season and we need a little time to adjust but we are here to obtain the best possible result. We know that Puerto Rico and Cuba are very strong teams, and we are going to give our best.


Head Coach Puerto Rico – Juan Carlos Nunez

We have been training hard every day for about three weeks. We have had the opportunity to have all the players we called up available. Our team is a mix of veteran players and players who are going to make their first appearance with the senior team with good projection and it will be their first experience at this level. I think we are going to present a good team, not only for this tournament but for the others that are coming this year. Our expectations are to win all three games and keep our team at its best for the upcoming tournaments. The fans must be supporting us because in addition to the fact that we are playing at home, they are a team that has a good chance of winning.

Puerto Rico

Head Coach Costa Rica – Ronald Eduardo Perez Lopez

We have been training for this event for around three to four months with a new coach. We are starting a new process so basically, we are trying to make a generational change. We had a couple of players that were not able to come, but we bring the team quite similar to what the last Final Four was with some new players that are looking for a place in the senior team. Our main objective is to develop ourselves, create a team on the field and improve little by little as the games progress.

Costa Rica