Costa Rica looking to be Five-Time AFECAVOL U23 Champion

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, July 26, 2022.- Costa Rica will seek to become Five-time AFECAVOL Women’s U23 Central American Champion in the tournaments fifth edition to take place at Jorge Galeano Gymnasium of the Sports Complex of Tegucigalpa, Honduras from July 26 to August 3rd.

Costa Rica is the indisputable age-group champion since it’s first edition in 2012. Guatemala has produced two silver medals and one bronze, followed by Nicaragua with one silver and one bronze. On the other hand, Belize has one silver medal, won in the past edition, while Honduras alongside El Salvador have one bronze medal each.

The fifth edition of the Central American Women´s U23 Championship will have all seven Central American countries competing, who will go through the preliminary inquiry on Wednesday July 27.

The round-robin competition will have three daily matches scheduled at 2:00, 4:30 and 7:00 pm that will be livestreamed on Facebook Live Federación Hondureña de Voleibol

Tournament Page

Year by Year Podium

Year      Gold     Silver     Bronze

2012      CRC        GUA        HON

2014      CRC        NCA        GUA

2016      CRC        GUA        ESA   

2019      CRC        BIZ         NCA   

Competition Schedule

Thursday July 28

2:00pm  Belize vs Panama

4:30pm  Nicaragua vs Guatemala

7:00pm  Honduras vs El Salvador

Friday July 29

2:00pm  Panama vs Nicaragua

4:30pm  Costa Rica vs Belize

7:00pm  Guatemala vs Honduras

Saturday July 30

2:00pm  Nicaragua vs Costa Rica

4:30pm  El Salvador vs Guatemala

7:00pm  Honduras vs Panama

Sunday July 31

2:00pm  El Salvador vs Nicaragua

4:30pm  Guatemala vs Belize

7:00pm  Panama vs Costa Rica

Monday August 1

2:00pm  El Salvador vs Costa Rica

4:30pm  Guatemala vs Panama

7:00pm  Honduras vs Belize

Tuesday August 2

2:00pm  Costa Rica vs Guatemala

4:30pm  Belize vs El Salvador

7:00pm  Nicaragua vs Honduras

Wednesday July 3

2:00pm  Panamá vs El Salvador

4:30pm  Belice vs Nicaragua

7:00pm  Costa Rica vs Honduras