Cuba improves 2-1 with strength over Nicaragua

HERMOSILLO, Mexico, August 23, 2022.- Cuba improved their record 2-1 with strength over Nicaragua 3-0 (25-7, 25-11, 25-14) in pool B of the Women’s Pan American Cup at the Sonora Arena of Hermosillo.

Cuba had no difficulties in leading the actions using all their players in a dominant performance of 44-21 in attacks, 9-2 in blocks and 8-1 in points from serves. Cuba committed eight unforced errors and Nicaragua ended with 14.

Middle blocker Yamisleydis Viltres and outside hitter Claudia Tarin led Cuba with 9 points apiece, joined by opposite hitter Dezirett Madan who added 8 points.

Nicaraguan opposite hitter Hellen Traña scored 8 points, followed by outside hitters Gilmary Smith and Swan Mendoza with 4 and 3 points respectively.

Cuba (2-1) will face Colombia (1-0) on Wednesday and Nicaragua (0-2) plays Canada (0-2).

Thainalien Castillo, captain of Cuba: “We respect all our opponents, our goal is to win every single game and reach our goal to qualify to the Central American Games. We are known by our strength and that we fight for every point, we are warriors and we practiced hard to be here”.

Ericka Calero, captain of Nicaragua: “We have prepared to give our best, we are aware that we are facing opponents with a lot of play and international experience; I am sure we will go on improving. Our unity as a team was crucial to cheer us up during the game as well as our coaches’ instructions to keep us calm”.

Thomás Fernández Arteaga, head coach of Cuba: “This match adds to our preparation for our next games, especially tomorrow’s game against Colombia. The good news is that our first setter, Gretell Moreno, will join the team tomorrow; she will change our teams’ performance for better, with her experience and the way she distributed the game”.