Cuban professors certified as Volleyball Level I Coaches

HAVANA, Cuba, February 27, 2023.- The international volleyball workshop for coaches Level I that took place in Havana, concluded successfully this past weekend.

The National Volleyball School hosted the workshop, in which 36 Cuban professors were certified as Volleyball Level I Coaches.

Antonio Rizola, head coach of Colombia’s women team and certified FIVB instructor conducted the intense workshop with teaching and practice sessions.

As the closing ceremony, he expressed his gratitude to the Cuban Volleyball National Federation (FCV) and to the national sports system for allowing him to share his knowledge.

He also highlighted the opportunity to exchange with Cuban volleyball legends such as Gilberto Herrera, Justo Morales and several Olympic champions, members of the “Morenas del Caribe”.

Speaking about the course, he recognized several professors with advanced professional abilities and that they reached their goals.

Ariel Sainz, FCV presidente expressed his inmense gratitude for traveling to Cuba and his work, before he proposed him to repeat the experience at the end of the year.

Saiz explained that just like this course, the next will contribute to strengthen young and experienced Cuban coaches.

The theorical-practice course, had specific evaluations in these two aspects. The best student was a 21 year old  member of the national coaching staff, professor

Mario Raúl Izquierdo Pérez.