Dominica Hosts ECVA’s Under-23 Women’s Volleyball Championship

Massacre Indoor Facility, Dominica, September 19, 2023. – In a momentous occasion for Dominica, the Massacre Indoor Facility is abuzz with excitement as it hosts the Eastern Caribbean Volleyball Association’s (ECVA) Under-23 Women’s Volleyball Championship from September 20 to 24, 2023.

This event not only showcases the region’s emerging volleyball talent but also marks Dominica’s debut as a host for an ECVA tournament, underlining its growing significance in the world of Caribbean sports.

This championship is the second edition U-23 tournament organized by the ECVA, with the inaugural event held in 2016. It not only serves as a platform for emerging talent but also strengthens the bonds among Eastern Caribbean nations through the sport of volleyball.

As the Eastern Caribbean comes together at the Massacre Indoor Facility, Dominica shines on the global volleyball stage. With teams ready to battle and a historic host, the ECVA’s Under-23 Women’s Volleyball Championship promises five days of athleticism, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments.

The championship features nine fiercely competitive teams, each vying for supremacy on the volleyball court. The teams have been strategically divided into two groups:

Group A: St. Lucia, Antigua & Barbuda, Sint Maarten, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, and Saba.

Group B: The British Virgin Islands, Grenada, and Anguilla – with the proud hosts, Dominica.

Teams will be competing in a round-robin pool-play preliminary stage, ensuring that every team has ample opportunities to showcase their skills and vie for the top positions.

Six daily matches for the preliminary round will be held at various times throughout the championship, starting at 9:00 AM, ensuring that fans have multiple opportunities to witness the thrilling matches and support their favorite teams throughout the day.

As the round-robin stage concludes, the top two teams from each group will advance to crossover quarterfinals, scheduled for Saturday morning, promising intense battles on the court.

Dominica’s Historic Moment

This event carries immense significance for Dominica, as it marks the first time the island nation has hosted an ECVA tournament. The vibrancy of the Massacre Indoor Facility, coupled with the passionate support of local volleyball enthusiasts, adds to the event’s excitement. Dominica had previously hosted the OECS Senior Men’s Championship before the formation of the ECVA, making this championship even more momentous.