Dominicans win 3-0 against Puerto Rico

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, August 25, 2023.- The Queens of the Caribbean did not allow the Puerto Rican team liberties to beat them 3-0 (25-6, 25-8, 25-11), in what was the match with the lowest score in the Preliminary round of the third NORECA Final Six Pan American Cup.

The Dominican team concluded the regular series with a 4-1 record and 20 points, while Puerto Rico finished 0-5 and did not accumulate points.

Vielka Peralta with 11 points followed by Lisvel Eve with 11 and Cándida Arias with 7, were the best for Las Reinas, while the Puerto Ricans had Sofía Vega and Camila Soto as their best scorers with 4 points each.

Norian Ceballos, captain of Puerto Rico: We knew that we were coming against the Dominican Republic, which is a super-experienced team and we are very young, we had to play with more strength, with less fear, we were reserving shots too much, but it was a good experience playing with a team of that category.

Niverka Marte, captain of the Dominican Republic: We focused on finishing the match as quickly as possible to try to rest a bit, yesterday we slept very late because the game also went to 5 sets, now focused on the semifinal which will be a match very exciting for the audience.