Full slots in route to the medal contention

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, August 26, 2023 .- With steady pace in pursuit of the ticket to compete for medals, Ángel Williams/Kianny Araya (CRC1), Natalia Girón/Paola Alvarado (GUA1), Nahima Silva/Lolette Rodríguez (NCA1), and Kathya Vázquez/Sofía Velázquez (ESA1), secured their spot in semifinals of the XXI Central American Beach Volleyball Championship, taking place in Guatemala, this Saturday.

In Saturday’s schedule, the teams completed their group stage matches. In Group A, Costa Rica’s number one team, Williams and Araya, clinched two victories, first defeating Zoé Ebanks/Reizeo Bruhier (HON) 2-0 (21-09/21-15), and then in an exciting match against Yvonne Soler/Laura Molina (ESA2), which finished 2-1 (18-21/25-25/15-10).

Soler/Molina (ESA2), had previously triumphed over NCA2 of Alejandra Rosales/M. Fernanda Jarquín 2-0 (24-22/21-10). Later, Girón/Alvarado (GUA1) defeated NCA2 2-0 (21-11/21-10). Guatemala 1 had previously overcome Honduras 2-0 (21-10/08-21).

In Group B, two matches were contested. Silva alongside Rodríguez (NCA1) were victorious 2-0 (24-22/21-10) against Costa Rica’s team 2, Sofía Vega/Aliza Aguilar. In the other duel, Vásquez/Velázquez (ESA1) triumphed over Maritza Zúñiga/Danna Aguilar (GUA 2), 2-0 (21-15/21-10).

With these results, the four teams that qualified for the semifinals will battle for their spot in the finals on Sunday, starting at 9 a.m., on the last day of activity on the sand courts of Campo Marte.

Nicaragua 1 in action


Results Women Day 2


-HON1 0-2 GUA1 (10-21/8-21)

-ESA2 2-0 NCA2 (24-22/21-10)

-CRC1 2-0 HON1 (21-9/21-15)

-NCA2 0-2 GUA1 (11-21/10-21)

-ESA2 1-2 CRC1 (21-18/23-25/10-15)


-NCA1 2-0 CRC2 (24-22/21-10)

-GUA2 0-2 ESA1 (15-21/10-21)