Honduras defeats Costa Rica 3-2 in a vibrant match

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador, August 19, 2022. The V U23 Central American Championship experienced one of the most exciting matches this Friday when Honduras defeated Costa Rica with a score of 3-2 and partials of 27-25/16-25. /22-25/27-25/16-14. 

The two teams came thirsty for victory, Honduras took the first set 27-25, this would be the harbinger of the next four sets, where the teams fought one by one for each point. 

For the next set, Costa Rica tied the match 1-1, with an eight-point lead, the set ended 25-16. The third set ended 25-22 for the Costa Ricans who with this score (2-1) were one set away from leaving the match. Honduras was not willing and would fight tirelessly to get extended until the fifth set. 

The fourth set was one of the closest, the teams disputed the point to point, Honduras would leave the set 27-25, but before that Costa Rica would drown the cry from point to set four times. 

For the final set the constant was the tie on the scoreboard, neither of the two teams wanted to miss the victory that finally favored Honduras, 16-14. 

Honduras was forceful in spikes 68-55 and Costa Rica dominated blocks 14-7 and aces 4-1. Costa Rica committed 32 errors and Honduras 41. 

Josué Rojas with 26 points for Costa Rica and Kevin Herrera with 25 for Honduras added 51 points in the match, as the top scorers in the match. 

On Saturday, Costa Rica will face Panama at 2:30 pm and Honduras will face Nicaragua at 5:00 pm. 

Roberto Palma of Honduras celebrating

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José Larios, setter of Honduras: “I want to thank God for allowing us this victory in the game, the rival that was Costa Rica, was up to the task as we expected, a very close game, very difficult, we fought until the end, and as My coach told us, we showed that we catrachos have grit and we fight until this is over and I think we showed it on the court”. 

Josué Rojas, Captain of Costa Rica: “We had a quite complicated match against Honduras, a rival that gave us a fight, a fight, and the match was quite interesting, we fought until the end, I managed to be the top point scorer, we did what we could.