Honduras wins tough battle against El Salvador 

Belize City, July 12, 2022.- Honduras began its title defense with a 3-2 (25-22, 25-21, 23-25, 22-25, 15-9) victory over El Salvador, which battled more than two hours, but it was not enough at the start of the XIX U21 Central American Women’s Volleyball Championship.

 Gabriela Aceituno with 23 points and 13 from Natalia Reyes were the best for Honduras, while El Salvador had a good production of four players, Daniela López and captain María Rodríguez with 13 points and 12 each from Geannine Velásquez and Paola Montano.

Honduras led the attack 50-45 and 12-11 in aces, but the Salvadorans were better in blocking 8-5, with 42 points on error from the winners and 38 from their opponents.

Daniela Lopez of El Salvador against Honduras blocking at AFECAVOL Women’s U21 Central American Championship

Captain of Honduras: “The match was quite difficult, we did not expect that great team from El Salvador, I think the problem was that we trusted each other, we came with the mentality to win, but in the third set we looked bad, thank God we managed lift in the fifth. It’s important to start winning because it gives us more confidence, it encourages us to continue playing as we know how, because I know my team and I know we can play better in the following games”.

Marvin Ulloa, coach of Honduras: “The girls from El Salvador are very compliant, we have to sit down and analyze what our problem is, we cannot win the set or the game, since we had two sets up and we loosened up. We come from a good blank and it is not possible that we fall throughout the game, it seems that there is something mental, a block that we cannot overcome. The team has, we have technique, tactics, half of the team is high, but we have to improve the mental part”.

Captain of El Salvador: “Honduras was a very good opponent, they have very good team play. We gave our best, the best we could give. We have the support of our parents, of ourselves, of all of El Salvador because we are in a process in which we are learning to trust ourselves and we know that we will always give our best on the field.”

Noé Fabián, Coach of El Salvador: “We must congratulate Honduras because they did a great job, we especially improved in the third and fourth, but we didn’t know how to maintain the level. We failed in the receipt at the time that we should not loosen. El Salvador has always stood out for its defense, we are very brave, we stand out for that, plus they are very united and that helps us to always get up”.