Jesús Perales Navarro and Dr. César Trabanco Appointed Executive Vice Presidents of the NORCECA Executive Committee

PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic, July 7, 2024. – The leaders of the Mexican Volleyball Federation and the Puerto Rican Volleyball Federation assume significant roles in the North, Central America, and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation NORCECA.

In a notable announcement for the volleyball community, Jesús Perales Navarro from Mexico and Dr. César Trabanco from Puerto Rico have been appointed as Executive Vice Presidents of the NORCECA Executive Committee during the 27th NORCECA Congress. This appointment highlights the ongoing commitment of these federations to the development and promotion of volleyball in the region.

Jesús Perales Navarro, President of the Mexican Volleyball Federation, and Dr. César  Trabanco, President of the Puerto Rican Volleyball Federation, have played fundamental roles in the organization and success of numerous competitions over the years. Their federations are not only regular hosts of NORCECA events but have also significantly contributed to the growth of volleyball in their respective countries.

Jesús Perales Navarro has led the Mexican Volleyball Federation with vision and dedication, positioning Mexico as a center of excellence for volleyball in North America. Under his leadership, Mexico has hosted major international tournaments, strengthened its sports infrastructure and providing vital platforms for Mexican athletes to develop and compete at the global level.

Jesus Perales Naverro

Dr. César Trabanco, at the helm of the Puerto Rican Volleyball Federation, has been equally instrumental in promoting volleyball in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico has stood out as a host for high-level events, consistently demonstrating its capability to organize successful competitions and promote volleyball at all levels, from youth development to professional competition.

The appointment of Perales Navarro and Dr. Trabanco as Executive Vice Presidents is a recognition of their contributions and an opportunity for them to bring their extensive experience and knowledge to the highest level of governance within NORCECA. In their new roles, both leaders are expected to work closely with NORCECA President Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz and other committee members to continue driving the growth and excellence of volleyball in the region.

Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz, President of NORCECA, expressed his enthusiasm for these appointments, “The inclusion of Jesús Perales Navarro and Dr. César Trabanco in the NORCECA Executive Committee as Executive Vice Presidents strengthens our leadership capacity. Their contributions and experience will be invaluable as we continue to advance our development goals and achieve success in regional volleyball.”

With the designation of these two experienced and dedicated leaders, NORCECA is well-positioned to move forward with its ambitious development plans. Organizing high-quality events, supporting national federations, and creating more opportunities for athletes and coaches will be key priorities under the leadership of Perales Navarro and Dr. Trabanco.

The commitment of Mexico and Puerto Rico to NORCECA is evident in their history of collaboration and success in hosting competitions. This appointment further reinforces the close relationship between these federations and NORCECA, ensuring that the region will continue to shine on the global volleyball stage.

The inclusion of Jesús Perales Navarro and Dr. César Trabanco as Executive Vice Presidents of the NORCECA Executive Committee marks an exciting new chapter for the Confederation. With their leadership and vision, NORCECA is poised to achieve new milestones and maintain its position as a dominant force in volleyball across North, Central America, and the Caribbean. The volleyball community eagerly anticipates the contributions and positive impact they will bring to their new roles.