Lakysha Thompson MVP of Afecavol Under 23

Tegucigalpa, Honduras; August 03, 2022.- The central blocker of Costa Rica, Lakysha Thompson was declared the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the V Afecavol Women’s Under 23 Championship, by guiding her team to the fifth consecutive title in this category.

Thompson was the top scorer for Costa Rica with 76 points, highlighting 13 through blocks, and she was a key player in high-intensity matches like against Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras in the last match of the tournament, in which she scored 7 points.

Lakysha said that “I feel very happy, it is an award that I did not expect to win, any of us could win it because we are a great team, we all add up. This recognition of the effort of so many years, all that I have worked for seven years, here you can see the result”.

“This is my first under 23 title, I was also champion in the Central American Major and I have participated in under 18 and under 20,” said the Most Valuable.

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Individual Awards at Women’s U23 AFECAVOL Central American Championship

Guatemala, third place in the tournament, won four individual awards just like Honduras, while Costa Rica was left with three and Nicaragua with one.

This is how the individual prizes were:

  • Lakysha Thomspon CRC Most Valuable Player
  • Nathaly Pérez Best Scorer HON
  • María José Castro Best Digger CRC
  • Jimena Castellanos Best Setter GUA
  • María Belén Arcia Best Opposite NCA
  • Ana Granados Best Receiver GUA
  • Ana Granados Best Libero GUA
  • Nathaly Pérez Best Spiker 1 HON
  • Naomi Monney Best Spiker 2 GUA
  • Natalia Reyes Best Blocker 1 HON
  • Daniela Barrantes Best Blocker 2 CRC
  • Andrea Aceituno Best Server HON