Managua host of the Fifth Stage of NORCECA Beach Tour

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, October 7, 2022.- The City of Managua, Nicaraguan capital, is the host of the fifth stage of the NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tour that runs from October 7-9 at Paseo Xolotlan.

This is the second occasion that Paseo Xolotlan receives the NORCECA Tour, they hosted the event for the first time in 2019; a spectacular venue constructed for the Managua 2017 Central American Games.

Twelve countries officially registered for the event, 16 teams in the men’s division and 12 in the women’s field.

Americans Timothy Brewster and Kyle Friend will be competing of their second straight gold, they won the fourth stop in Punta Cana this past weekend, defeating Cubans Nolsen Diaz and Jorge Luis Alayo 2-0 (21-16, 22-20); their first gold as a pair.

Nicaragua has two male teams, the number one seed of the tournament Ruben Mora and Denis Lopez, who qualified this year for the FIVB Beach World Championship, and Jefferson Cascante alongside Dany Lopez who has coupled up with Ruben Mora for many years, the most successful Nicaraguan team.

In the women’s division, Canadians Amanda Harnett and Marie-Alex Bélanger aim to reach the podium the second time in a row, they claimed Punta Cana’s bronze medal over Mexican duo Atenas Gutierrez and Maria Celeste Ibarra 2-0 (21-17, 21-18).  

Nicaraguan Socorro Lopez and Lolette Rodriguez will battle to reach Managua’s podium like they did in the first edition whey they won the silver medal.

Friday’s schedule features twenty-four matches, sixteen in the men’s division and eight in women.

The NORCECA Tour grants important ranking points as part of the qualification for the multisport events of 2023, the Central American and Caribbean Games in El Salvador and the Pan American Games in Chile.

Paseo Xolotlan

Women’s Teams

CAN Amanda Harnett/Marie-Alex Bélanger; Devin Corah/Adriel Goodman; CRC Angel Williams/Kianny Araya Quesada; ESA Yvonne Soler/Sofia Velasquez; GUA Natalia Giron/Laura Quiñonez; JAM Petal Smith/Chauna Kelly; MEX Abril Flores/ Esperanza Albarran; NCA Socorro Lopez/Lolette Rodriguez; Silvia Velasquez/Kadderly Rosales; TTO Phylecia Armstrong/Suraya Chase; USA Katie Lindstrom/Teegan Van Gunst; ISV Amber Bennett/Cristina Almeida-Anz

Men’s Teams

CAN Jake MacNeil/William Russell; Liam Kopp/Arran Chambers; CRC Criforth Fallas/Jose Pablo Fernandez; Dyner Villa/Sebastian Valenciano; DMA Deon Vidal/Yahn Florent; ESA Christopher Guardado/Yoel Guardado; GUA Andy Leonardo/Luis Garcia; Daniel Delgado/Roberto Recinos; JAM Martin Blake/Noley Ferguson; NCA Ruben Mora/Denis Lopez; Jefferson Cascante/Dany Lopez; LCA Joseph Clercent/ Sheldon Descartes; TTO Daneil Williams/Fabien Whitfield; USA Timothy Brewster/Kyle Friend; Paul Lotman/Raffe Paulis ISV Marc Lomeli/Daniel Samuelson