Men’s NORCECA Final Four to start in Durango

DURANGO, Mexico, June 7, 2023. – The Men’s NORCECA Final Four International League will be held in Durango, Mexico at the Auditorio del Pueblo from June 9-11 with the participation of Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and host Mexico.

The NORCECA Final Four event is a qualification tournament to the 2024 FIVB Challenger Cup (VCC) that offers the opportunity to qualify to the Volleyball Nations League the premier annual tournament of  the FIVB with the participation of the top 16 teams in the world.

Teams will face each other in a round-robin competition that starts on June 9, with the top ranked team at the end of the competition earning the ticket to the FIVB Challenger.

Cuba won the past edition of the NORCECA Final Four and then when on to win the FIVB Challenger Cup making their debut in this year’s Volleyball Nations League.

Competition Schedule

June 9

18:00 Puerto Rico v Dominican Republic

20:00 Mexico v Guatemala

June 10

18:00 Puerto Rico v Guatemala

20:00 Mexico v Dominican Republic

June 11

18:00 Dominican Republic v Guatemala

20:00 Mexico v Puerto Rico