Panama wins 3-0 against Honduras to reach the podium

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, October 24, 2022.- Panama defeated Honduras 3-0 (25-22, 25-15, 25-09) to win at least the bronze medal at the XIX AFECAVOL Men’s U21 Central American Championship.

With four victories and two losses, Panama will wait for the result between Nicaragua and Belize, if Nicaragua wins, they finish with the silver medal and the Panamanians with bronze, a loss from the host would grant the silver medal to Panama.

In the last tournament in 2019, Panama finished with the silver medal behind Nicaragua; their last gold medal was in 2001.

Emanuel Pérez was the best player for Panama with 12 points, while Víctor Pérez and Víctor Aráuz scored 8 points each. For Honduras, Jonathan Meza and Alejandro Lobo finished with 10 points each.

Panama was better 31-28 in attacks, 9-1 in blocks and 9-7 in serves, committing 13 errors against 28 from their opponents.  

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Panama celebrates victory over Honduras

David de León, captain of Panama: “We are super satisfied with our performance, thank God for all the blessings, for allowing us to win and reach the podium after so many years of struggles and the sacrifices. We were united up to the end, despite the difficulties, like transportation, but we left all in Gods’ hands, we are thankful for the victory and for Panama. Not everyone knows the sacrifices and they only criticize, but we try not to pay attention, we are here, and we played for a good result”.

Jonathan Caballero, coach of Panama: “I am excited, I have no words, I am proud of the guys, they are warriors, they came to battle for a medal, without saying the color, we wanted to be medalists with young players that are the future, we hope to work to put Panamanian volleyball in high again. The guys told me, we want to take home a medal for our country and work as a team and in the past two days they did a great team effort”.

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