Poland Defeats Dominican Republic 3-0

June 14, 2024.- Poland, ranked third in the world, secured a hard-fought 3-0 victory over the Dominican Republic (2-8) with scores of 33-31, 25-20, 25-16 in a match of week three of the Volleyball Nations League in Hong Kong.

The Dominican Republic, ranked 11th in the world, will conclude their participation in VNL at 1:30 AM this Saturday when they face Bulgaria starting at 1:30 AM.

The match was fiercely contested in the first two sets, with thrilling plays, although in the third set, the game opened up in favor of the Polish.

The attack for the victors, who are in second place with nine wins, was led by Stysiak who scored 24 points, followed by Lukassik with 11 and Rosanski with 8.

For the Caribbean team, Yonkaira Peña excelled with 16 points, and Alondra Tapia added 11 points.

The first set was a nail-biter, as the Dominican team started behind (15-12) against Poland, which presented a fierce attack, with an impenetrable block and solid defense.

However, a tip attack from Alondra Tapia tied the score at 20 points after a 3-0 rally by the Dominicans.

From there, both teams engaged in a battle for the ball, and the score was tied about 12 times until Poland took the set 33-31.