Puerto Rico’s Decilise Champion the MVP of the Girls U17 Pan Ame Cup

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, June 1, 2024.- Puerto Rico’s Outside hitter Decilise Champion was elected the Most Valuable Player MVP of the inaugural edition of the Girls U17 Pan American Cup on Saturday in Guatemala City.

Champion was handed the award during the closing ceremony after Puerto Rico won the gold medal match to Peru and was crowned undefeated champion. She also was named the first Best Spiker.

Individual awards

Other awards were handed out recognizing individual performance based on the statistical data during the event.

Ariana Vasquez of Peru received the award for second Best Spiker and Guatemalan Natalia Girón was granted the award for first Best Blocker.

Recognitions for Costa Rica were given to Amelie Jenkins as second Best Blocker, Amanda Campos the Best Opposite and Nadia Granados the Best Server.

Venezuelans Yilen Gutierres and Fiorellys Utrera were named the Best Setter and Best Scorer respectively.

Kenia Martínez of Mexico left were her hands full, as Best Libero, Receiver and Libero.