Ready for the Start of the NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tour in Managua

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, June 13, 2024. – The 2024 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tour returns to the courts at Paseo Xolotlán in Managua for its fourth stop of the year. The event kicks off this Friday at 8:00 a.m. with over 30 matches scheduled.

A total of 30 teams are set to compete in the tournament, which will be played across three courts over three days, culminating in the final on Sunday.

Men’s Competition

In the men’s division, 14 teams are registered, divided into four groups:

Group A Edgar Maldonado/Luis García (GUA), Zendai Richard/Clerique Ward (SKN), and Rubén Mora/Danny López (NCA).

Group B Daniel Dyner/Julian Araya (CRC), Jesario Ebanks/Stephen Watson (CAY), Timothy Brewster/Kyle Friend (USA), and Denis Lopez/Alexander Meneses (NCA).

Group C  David Vargas/Gabriel Vargas (SLV), Braedon Cooke/Connor Somerville (BER), Rouzbeh Rahnavard/Tynan Gannett (CAN), and Diego Perez/Ryan Lerna (USA).

-Group D Kendall Ratter/Marc Lomeli (ISV), William Rivera/Arnaldo Torres (PUR), and Darnel Eudoxie/Rio Jaden Victor (LCA).


Women’s Competition:

In the women’s division, 16 teams will vie for the top spot on the podium. The groups are as follows:

Group A Maryn McCoombs/Heater Thompson (CAY), Megan Hands/Kayley Hamilton (BER), Socorro López/Lolette Rodríguez (NCA), and Katherine Quesada/Eugenia Ramírez (CRC).

Group B  Dana Funes/Keiry Guzman (ESA), Martiza Zuniga/Danna Aguilar (GUA), Molly Shaw/Chloe Loreen (USA), and Yulimar Alvarado/Ella Resau (NCA).

Group C  Ximena Núñez/Kianny Quesada (CRC), Nicole Reinking/Heather Friesen (USA), Marie-Alex Bélanger/Lea Monkhouse (CAN), and Valeska Hernández/Nahima Silva (NCA).

Group D  Sarah Penner/Melanie Valenciana (ISV), Myriam Robitaille/Darby Dunn (CAN), Maria Orellana/Paola Alvarado (GUA), and Kianny Araya/Aliza Aguilar (CRC).

Puerto Rico

Men’s Morning Schedule

Maldonado/Garcia (GUA) vs Zendai/Clerique (SKN)   Cancha 2 08:00 a.m.

Mora/Lopez (NCA) Bye

D. Dyner/Araya (CRC)  vs Jesario/Watson (CAY)            3             08:00

Brewster/Friend (USA) vs Lopez/MENESES (NCA)        2             08:45

Pepe/Vargas (ESA) vs Cooke/Somerville (BER)              3             08:45

Rahnavard/Gannett (CAN) vs Perez/lerna (USA)           2             09:30

Rivera/Torres (PUR) vs Darnell/Rio (LCA)           2             10:15

Mora/Lopez (NCA) vs Zendai/Clerique (SKN)  3             10:15

Maldonado/Garcia (GUA)         Bye                      

Brewster/Friend (USA) vs Jesario/Watson (CAY)            2             11:00

D. Dyner/Araya (CRC) vs Lopez/MENESES (NCA)          3             11:00

Rahnavard/Gannett (CAN) vs Cooke/Somerville (BER)              2             11:45

Pepe/Vargas (ESA) vs Perez/lerna (USA)            3             11:45

Ratter/Lomeli (ISV) vs Darnell/Rio (LCA)            3             12:30

Men’s Morning Schedule on central court

McCoombs/H. Thompson (CAY) vs Hands/Hamilton (BER)  08:00

Lopez/Lolette (NCA) vs Quesada/Ramírez (CRC)         08:45

Funes/GUZMAN (ESA) Zuñiga/Aguilar (GUA)   09:30

Shaw/Loreen (USA) vs Alvarado/RESAU (NCA)              10:15

Núñez/Quesada (CRC) vs Reinking/Friesen (USA)       11:00

Bélanger/Monkhouse (CAN) vs Valeska/SILVA (NCA) 11:45

Penner/Valenciana (ISV) vs Robitaille/Dunn (CAN)      12:30