Seminar: “Mental Performance” for the Dominican Female Age-Group Teams 

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, April 3, 2024. – A seminar on “Mental Performance” was held for the Dominican Female Age-Group National teams at the FIVB/NORCECA Regional Development Center led by Dr. Jovanny Montero, PhD, National Volleyball Mental Coach. 

The seminar was focused on working on various strategies for Team Building and Conflict Management to strengthen the bond between the players and improve communication within the team. 

The athletes had the opportunity to attend psycho-sport discussions that provide the necessary tools for conflict resolution in the sports context, highlighting the importance of effective communication and teamwork, so that they can identify, understand, and resolve conflicts constructively. 

In addition, practical activities were carried out, including a group dynamic where the players shared their strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations were provided for their improvement. This allows for strengthening group cohesion, facilitating more open and effective communication among team members. 

The players showed greater commitment to teamwork and a greater willingness to address conflicts, which contributes to the team’s ability to face the challenges of the game, as well as the team’s success in future competitions, creating more confidence, collaboration, and a better performance.