Shaw/Loreen of USA Win Second Gold in NORCECA Tour

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, June 16, 2024.- Molly Shaw and Chloe Loreen of the United States won a thrilling final 2-1 (21-13, 17-21, 18-16) against Marie-Alex Bélanger and Lea Monkhouse (CAN) to claim the gold medal at the fourth stop of the NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tour in Managua 2024.

For Shaw and Loreen, this is their second gold medal in the NORCECA Tour, having previously won the continental final in the Dominican Republic a month ago. For Bélanger, this is her second silver medal in Managua.

USA-Chloe Loreen y Molly Shaw

After a relatively comfortable first set in favor of the champions, Bélanger and Monkhouse applied pressure with their blocking and strong defense, which helped them even the match at one set each. The tight contest continued into the third set, but Shaw and Loreen, thanks to their spectacular defense, ultimately secured the final advantage.

Shaw said, “I was telling Chloe that this is the kind of game I play volleyball for. The crowd was really loud, it was pouring rain, and honestly, this was one of my favorite matches ever. The rain adds many different dynamics; the ball is slipperier, and a lot happens. It was stressful and fun at the same time”.

CAN-Lea Monkhouse y Alex-Marie Bélenger

Loreen added,  “I feel great. I think Molly and I really came together in this match. Playing in the rain was fun; it brought me back to my roots playing in Washington, and I’m very happy we pulled through. Everything has been fantastic—I love the stadium, the crowd was so much fun, and the rain just came out of nowhere, but it was exciting”.

For the bronze medal, Nicole Reinking and Heather Friesen (USA) won 2-0 (21-14, 21-18) against Nicaragua’s Socorro López and Lolette Rodríguez

Sunday matches

Positiion 13: Núñez/Quesada (CRC) d Penner/Valenciana (ISV) 2-0 ; Position 11: Zuñiga/Aguilar (GUA) d Hands/Hamilton (BER) 2-0 (21-8, 21-10); Position 9: Valeska/Silva (NCA) d Molina/Aguilar (CRC) 2-0 (21-17, 21-14). Position 7-8: Quesada/Ramírez (CRC) d Alvarado/Resau (NCA) 2-0 (21-8, 21-15). Position 5-6: Orellana A/Alvarado (GUA) d Robitaille/Dunn (CAN) 2-0 (23-21, 21-15); Bronze Medal: Reinking/Friesen (USA) d Lopez/Lolette (NCA) 2-0 (21-14, 21-18). Gold Medal: Shaw/Loreen (USA) d Bélanger/Monkhouse (CAN) 2-1 (21-13, 17-21, 18-16).

Final positions

1.- Shaw/ Loreen USA; 2.-Bélanger/Monkhouse CAN; 3.- Reinking/Friesen USA; 4.- Lopez/Lolette NCA; 5.- Orellana A/Alvarado GUA; 6.- Robitaille/Dunn CAN; 7. Quesada/Ramírez CRC; 8.- Alvarado/Resau NCA; 9.- Valeska/Silva NCA; 10.- Molina/Aguilar CRC; 11.- Zuñiga/Aguilar GUA; 12.- Hands/Hamilton BER; 13.- Núñez/Quesada CRC; 14.- Penner/Valenciana ISV; 15.- McCoombs/H. Thompson CAY; 16.- Funes/Guzman ESA