Time for the NORCECA Tour 2023 Finals

JUAN DOLIO, Dominican Republic, December 14, 2023. – It’s time for the 2023 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Continental Tour Finals at the Juan Dolio Beach, Dominican Republic, nearby to the Hotel Costa Caribe from December 15-17.

The NORCECA Tour Final is part of the Olympic qualification system for beach volleyball in NORCECA for Paris 2024, hence the significance of the event that brings together big names from the NORCECA Tour and the Volleyballworld Beach Pro Tour.

In men, Miles Partain and Andrew Benesh from the United States, ranked fourth in the world. Canadians Samuel Schachter and Daniel Dearing, defending champions from the 2022 Tour Final, and Cuba with Noslen Díaz/Jorge Alayo, who finished second, in addition to bronze this year in Varadero.

Miguel Sarabia and Juan Virgen from Mexico, winners of the 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games, claimed gold at the third stage in Cayman Islands, they began the season in Aguascalientes with a silver medal and won bronze in San Salvador a week ago.

On the women’s side, current Central American and Caribbean champions, María González and Allanis Navas from Puerto Rico, silver medalists in the 2023 Tour Final, champions this year in the Cayman Islands and Punta Cana and finished second in San Salvador.

2019 world champion, Canada’s Sarah Pavan, joins Molly McBain, aiming to collect the most points in their Olympic qualification quest.

The tandem of Atenas Gutiérrez and Abril Flores from Mexico, winners of the first stage in Aguascalientes, are also here.

A total of seventeen countries (14 women’s teams and 16 men’s teams) will compete for valuable ranking points, divided into four pools per gender as follows:

Women’s Pools: POOL A Dominican Republic, U.S. Virgin Islands, Nicaragua; POOL B United States, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama; POOL C Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Cuba, St. Vincent; POOL D Canada, Mexico, Cayman Islands, TTO (forfeit).

Men’s Pools: POOL A Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Trinidad & Tobago, Panama; POOL B Canada, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, St. Vincent; POOL C United States, El Salvador, St. Kitts & Nevis, Puerto Rico; POOL D Mexico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Cuba, Aruba.

Women’s Teams

CANADA Sarah Pavan/Molly McBain; CAYMAN ISLANDS Heather Thompson/Stefania Gandolfi; COSTA RICA Valentina Molina/Kianny Araya Quesada; CUBA Amanda Armenteros/Maykelin Drik; DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Crismil Paniagua/Nallelin Tavares; EL SALVADOR Daniela Vigil/Sofía Velásquez; GUATEMALA Natalia Girón/Paola Alvarado; MEXICO Atenas Gutiérrez/Abril Flores; NICARAGUA Socorro López/Lolette Rodríguez; PANAMA Krisleen González/Iris Urrunaga; PUERTO RICO María González/Allanis Navas; ST VINCENT Shanadia Sylvester/Saquanna Duncan; UNITED STATES Megan Kraft/Terese Cannon; U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS Cristina Almeida-Anz/Taylor Buckner

Men’s Teams

ARUBA Gregory De La Cruz/Jahim Coutinho; CANADA Samuel Schachter/Daniel Dearing; COSTA RICA  Julian Araya/Stanley Grant; CUBA Noslen Díaz/Jorge Alayo; DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Hayerling De Jesús/Oscar Martínez; EL SALVADOR Christopher Guardado/Yoel Guardado; GUATEMALA José Miguel Izaguirre/Luis García; MEXICO Miguel Sarabia/Juan Virgen; NICARAGUA Rubén Mora/Jefferson Cascante; PANAMA Victor Araúz/Adamit Del Cid; PUERTO RICO Arnaldo Torres/William Rivera; ST KITTS & NEVIS Clerique Ward/St Clair Hodge; ST VINCENT Jamaar Cropper/Shadron Delpesche; TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Joel Theodore/Stephen Enile; UNITED STATES Miles Partain/Andrew Benesh; U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS Garrett Bucklin/Bryce Mayer