Puerto Rico defeats Costa Rica 3-2 in NORCECA U19

PONCE, Puerto Rico, May 14, 2024 – Puerto Rico defeated Costa Rica 3-2 (25-22, 25-22, 23-25, 18-25 y 15-7) in the Boys U19 NORCECA Continental Championship that began at the Salvador Dijols Coliseum in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

The hosts were surprised by the tenacity and defense of the Central American team, whose powerful attack forced an exciting tie-break. In the fourth set, Costa Rica gained a wide eight-point lead (13-5), which later extended to twelve points (19-7), leaving Puerto Rico with no options.

The home team came out determined in the fifth set, quickly advancing to a six-point lead (10-4) to secure the victory.

Puerto Rico outperformed Costa Rica 65 to 61 in attacks, in addition to a slim difference in blocks (13-12) and a 7 to 2 in service points. Costa Rica committed fewer errors than Puerto Rico (18-21).

Gustavo Alvarez PUR

Puerto Rico was led by outside hitter Gustavo Álvarez with 26 points, 22 from attacks, 3 blocks, and one ace. Team captain Jean Paul González added 15 points, middle blocker Jorge Suarez scored 14 points, and outside hitter Adrián Carrillo contributed 13 points.

Outside hitter Stanley Grant finished with a match-high of 32 points, on 31 attacks and one ace. Opposite Ignacio Sánchez recorded 15 points from 12 attacks and three blocks. Middle blocker Josué Bolaños contributed 10 points, 6 on attacks, and a maximum of 4 blocks.

Jean Paul González, captain of Puerto Rico: “We fought hard throughout the match. I think we got a bit overconfident, and Costa Rica played very well, reading our plays. We put all our energy into closing out the fifth set decisively”.

Eytan Vargas, captain of Costa Rica: “I feel like we did things right; however, we let the match slip away by making more mistakes than they did (Puerto Rico). Ultimately, the one who makes fewer mistakes is the one who wins. The best part of the match was the motivation; we enjoyed the game the whole time and disrupted them. The tournament is just beginning; we’ll do better”.

USA defeats Canada in first challenge at NORCECA U19

PONCE, Puerto Rico, May 14, 2024 – United States defeated Canada 3-0 (25-23, 25-15, 25-23) in their first challenge at the NORCECA U19 Continental Championship, which began this Tuesday in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

United States and Canada looked very similar in the first and third sets; it was the second set that made a significant difference, where the United States jumped to a comfortable five-point lead (10-5) and then unsettled Canada with their serving, scoring 6 direct service points.

United States held advantages in all aspects of the game, leading 33-22 in attacks, 6-3 in blocks, and 12-4 in service points. United States conceded 26 points due to errors and scored 30 points from Canadian errors.

Grant Lamoureux

USA’s outside hitter and team captain, Grant Lamoureux, scored 15 points as the top scorer of the match, including the most aces (5). His teammates, opposite Cooper Keane and outside hitter Aleksey Mikhailenko, contributed 10 points each.

For Canada, their captain Reuben Veith and opposite Luke Wright each scored 8 points as their top scorers.

On Wednesday in pool A, the United States (1-0) will face Suriname (0-1), and Canada (0-1) will face Cuba (1-0).

Grant Lamoureux, captain of United States: “The second set was our strongest, we had a little more energy from the first play compared to the first set, we were much better. I think we had a little less error than Canada, they gave away a lot of points and we kept the pressure on them the whole time. I’m looking forward to each one of our matches. In terms of improving, we need better passing and communication all around”.

Reuben Veith, captain of Canada:  “The beginning of the match and the ending were a lot closer. In the second set we were off in serve-receive, we didn’t serve well either. We got back in the third set and in general it went well. We haven’t had much training together so I am happy with the result, we played and battled well; the only thing left is to improve with every performance”

Boys U19 NORCECA Continental Championship arrives in Ponce, Puerto Rico

PONCE, Puerto Rico, May 11, 2024.- Eight national teams will be competing at the Boys U19 NORCECA Continental Championship in Ponce, Puerto Rico from May 14-19.

The NORCECA Continental event, to be contested at Salvador Dijols Coliseum, is part of the qualifying process to the 2025 Boys U19 FIVB World Championship.

Cuba is the current champion, with a historic record of five titles since the tournament’s inception back in 1998.

The Caribbean country has reached five consecutive title matches, losing once to the United States in 2024 while seeking a hat-trick, and has clashed against the Americans in the last three editions of the event (2014, 2015, 2018).

United States and Puerto Rico have two titles each.

The preliminary pool-play round has two pools consisting of pool A with Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and host team Puerto Rico; while Canada, Cuba, Suriname  and the United States are in pool B.

The top ranked teams resulting from each pool after the conclusion of the preliminary round will advance directly into the semifinals. 

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