The VI AFECAVOL U23 Women’s Championship in Honduras is Approaching

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, June 20, 2024.- The VI Central American U23 Women’s AFECAVOL Championship is fast approaching. The event will take place at the Jorge Galeano Gymnasium in the Tegucigalpa Sports Complex, Honduras, from June 23 to 29, 2024.

This is the second consecutive occasion that Honduras hosts this age-group championship, where Costa Rica has dominated since its inception in 2012.

In the previous edition held in 2022, Costa Rica clinched their fifth consecutive title defeating Honduras, with both teams progressing into the final match of the event undefeated.


Throughout the history of the Central American U23 Women’s Championship, Guatemala has won two silver and two bronze medals. Honduras and Nicaragua are tied, each having one silver and one bronze medal. Belize reached the podium in 2022, earning the silver medal. El Salvador has secured one bronze medal.

The sixth edition of the tournament will feature all seven countries in the region, competing in a round-robin format starting Sunday, June 23.

Year by Year Podium

Year      Gold      Silver     Bronze

2012      CRC        GUA        HON

2014      CRC        NCA        GUA

2016      CRC        GUA        ESA   

2019      CRC         BIZ          NCA   

2022     CRC        HON      GUA

Competition Schedule

June 23

2:30pm               Guatemala vs Belize

5:00pm               Nicaragua vs El Salvador

8:00pm               Honduras vs Panama

June 24

2:30pm               Costa Rica vs Panama

5:00pm               Nicaragua vs Belize

7:30pm               Guatemala vs El Salvador

June 25

2:30pm               Costa Rica vs Belize

5:00pm               Nicaragua vs Panama

7:30pm               Honduras vs El Salvador

June 26

2:30pm               Guatemala vs Panama

5:00pm               Costa Rica vs El Salvador

7:30pm               Honduras vs Belize

June 27

2:30pm               Costa Rica vs Nicaragua

5:00pm               Belize vs Panama

7:30pm               Honduras vs Guatemala

June 28

2:30pm               El Salvador vs Panama

5:00pm               Costa Rica vs Guatemala

7:30pm               Honduras vs Nicaragua

June 29

2:00pm               El Salvador vs Belize

4:30pm               Guatemala vs Nicaragua

7:30pm               Costa Rica vs Honduras