U13-Volley Fest 2024 concludes in Suriname

PARAMARIBO, Suriname, March 17, 2024.- The first U13-Fest of the Surinamese Volleyball Association (Suvobo) has come to an end. Coordinator Eric Aikman looks back positively on the pilot. “It’s all about the kids. They enjoyed it and learned from it,” Aikman emphasizes. He admits that there is always room for improvement in terms of organization and that it was a good learning moment for everyone.

The first U13-Volley Fest was open to schools, clubs as well as private clubs. For the boys, Survos, Yelyco and Bazooka were the participating clubs and for the girls, Survos participated with several teams. The mixed teams were always a mix of the three clubs and players of Survos.

“Organizationally, we can or should do much better, but I think we have learned that from this”.

Annual character

“In the coming year, we are going to organize it again anyway and bigger,” says Suvobo chairman Lionel Blokland. Aikman hopes that more teams will participate. The Volley Fest ended on Saturday afternoon after four weekends in the Ismay van Wilgen Sports Hall.

Blokland liked it. “Some of the kids were ahead of the rest, but during the game everything seemed to be on one level. The parents really enjoyed it too,” Blokland continues. Aikman believes that introducing children to competitive sports at an early age can only have long- term benefits for their level. “In a few years, we will be able to participate in international tournaments with better teams.”

Learned from it

Aikman continues to insist that things can and must always be better. “Organizationally, we can or should do much better, but I think we learned that from this. It gets better.” Blokland points out that Suriname, especially as far as men are concerned, has risen considerably in position in the region and internationally.

“We notice from playing within South America that the reality check is there and the introduction to the sport is getting younger and younger, because you have to have follow- up in categories that are higher. We first prepared the framework for this group (VT-1 and possibly VT-2) and we need to make a good organization around it.”

The winners have all had medals and cups. The champions in the boys and girls received three vouchers from McDonalds and SRD 400.

Final Ranking

Boys: 1. Yelyco, 2. Survos, 3. Bazooka

Girls: overall winner: Survos; Mix: 1. Survos, 2. Yelyco, 3. Bazooka