Workshop for Level I Volleyball Coaches in Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, February 23, 2023. – As part of a project to improve and categorization of the Cuban Volleyball Federation (FCV), an international workshop for Level I Coaches was inaugurated with 36 professors from different provinces of Cuba and of the Municipality for Youth of the Island.

Ariel Sainz Rodríguez, Vice President of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) and President of the FCV, welcomed the participants expressing that their purpose is to expand the technical knowledge in technique and improve the competition profile of each professor.

Level I Volleyball Coaches Workshop

He highlighted that Antonio Rizola Neto, FIVB Instructor will share his knowledge and experiences since 1978 while conducting the Brazilian women national team, a strong opponent for the Islands’ teams. He currently prepares the Colombian women national team, that has shown a significant progress.

Sainz said the largest island of the Antilles is interested in working with reserve coaches throughout the country, therefore they have searched for young coaches less than 35 years old, graduated in physical education, with five years of experience and with results.

“We consider this as an investment in knowledge of our Federation as a necessary result in transforming minds and actions of international volleyball” he underlined.

Level I Volleyball Coaches Workshop

He also spoke about the content and objectives of the workshop to be shared with the professors who have been chosen.

“This is the first time we hold an event like this in Cuba. In the future we intend to develop others every year, but we already have one in the works for October”, the INDER Vice President expressed.

During the workshop that will conclude on Sunday, new rules of the game of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) will be discussed; ne work trends; projections of volleyball, the dynamics of modifications in the rules of the game and the consequences of the preparation of athletes, among others.

Also taking part in the workshop is Dominican Raiza Morel, coordinator of the FIVB Development Center in Santo Domingo.

Among the speakers is also the prominent Cuban coach Gilberto Herrera.

Level I Volleyball Coaches Workshop