Development Center conducted Level I course in Santiago

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, March 15, 2023.- The NORCECA/FIVB Regional Volleyball Development Center conducted a Level I course for Physical Education professors with the joint effort from the Volleyball Association of Santiago, Dominican Republic.

The three-day course, from March 10-12, had a total of 51 Physical Education professors from different schools and public education centers.

Wilson Sánchez and Francisco Lerebours were the instructors, who completed 30 hours divided in theory and practice sessions.

During the closing ceremony José Aybar, president of the Volleyball Association of Santiago, thanked the Development Center in supporting the fulfillment of this course and motivated all the participants to pass on to their students the knowledge they acquired, with the goal of promoting the practice of volleyball in their education centers.

Professor Nelson José Ramírez director of the Development Center congratulated the participants for showing great interest during the course and expressed that the NORCECA Confederation presided by Cristóbal Marte wishes to continue supporting National Federations in carrying out training courses for Physical Education professors.

Cuban professors certified as Volleyball Level I Coaches

HAVANA, Cuba, February 27, 2023.- The international volleyball workshop for coaches Level I that took place in Havana, concluded successfully this past weekend.

The National Volleyball School hosted the workshop, in which 36 Cuban professors were certified as Volleyball Level I Coaches.

Antonio Rizola, head coach of Colombia’s women team and certified FIVB instructor conducted the intense workshop with teaching and practice sessions.

As the closing ceremony, he expressed his gratitude to the Cuban Volleyball National Federation (FCV) and to the national sports system for allowing him to share his knowledge.

He also highlighted the opportunity to exchange with Cuban volleyball legends such as Gilberto Herrera, Justo Morales and several Olympic champions, members of the “Morenas del Caribe”.

Speaking about the course, he recognized several professors with advanced professional abilities and that they reached their goals.

Ariel Sainz, FCV presidente expressed his inmense gratitude for traveling to Cuba and his work, before he proposed him to repeat the experience at the end of the year.

Saiz explained that just like this course, the next will contribute to strengthen young and experienced Cuban coaches.

The theorical-practice course, had specific evaluations in these two aspects. The best student was a 21 year old  member of the national coaching staff, professor

Mario Raúl Izquierdo Pérez.

Development Center conducts innovative Sports Medicine Workshop

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, February 20, 2023.- The NORCECA/FIVB Regional Volleyball Development Center in Dominican Republic in a joint effort with the Dominican Volleyball National Federation (FEDOVOLI) conducted this past Saturday a Sports Medicine Workshop with 48 doctors and physical therapists.

The workshop’s main subjects were the treatment of injuries, physical therapy and first aid for high performance volleyball athletes, conducted by Dr. Lissett Sánchez from the Sports Medicine Federation, Dr. Juan Núñez specialized in Orthopedics, Dr. Emilio Villanueva specialized in Sports Medicine, Dr. Víctor Figueroa specialized in Physical Therapy and member of the FIVB Medical Commission, Psychologist Luis Verges, Dr. Julio Miñoso member of the NORCECA Medical Commission and Physical Therapists Jesús Solverio and Dalvel De Los Santos.

Practical session Sports Medicine Workshop

Ramón A. García president of FEDOVOLI, Fernando Teruel of the Ministry of Sports, Prof. Nelson José Ramírez director of the NORCECA/FIVB Regional Volleyball Development Center and organizer, as well as Dr. Heyda Joaquín president of the FEDOVOLI Medical Commission and coordinator of the working sessions.

Ramon García expressed that the Dominican Volleyball Federation has set the goal to give more support and medical treatment for athletes and to provide medical assistance during the tournaments to be held throughout the entire country; hence, medical personnel will now carry an ID that allows them to be part of these tournaments.

Learning session Sports Medicine Workshop

Workshop for Coaches Conducted by Regional Development Center

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, December 12, 2022.- the NORCECA-FIVB Regional Volleyball Development Center in Dominican Republic in a joint effort with the National District Volleyball Association held this past saturday a workshop for coaches from their affiliate clubs.

The workshop was held at the volleyball national training center at the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center, conducted by Dr. Jaime Caonabo Terrero vice rector of the caribbean university and director of the school of law, by dr. Jeovanny Montero, medical-sociologist of the women’s volleyball national team and coaches Wilson Sanchez and Romulo Quiroz.

Dr. Jaime Caonabo Terrero presentation was focused on the children’s law and how coaches and club authorities must treat them as well as that of youth and junior players, in order to avoid breaking the law.

Dr. Jeobanny Montero spoke about the relationship between coaches and athletes, goals during training, characteristics and qualities of successful coaches, as well as the athletes origins.

While coaches Wilson Sanchez and Romulo Quiroz were in charge of the practice clinics, teaching about the latest coaching techniques for children and young players.

Angel Rivas, president of the national district volleyball association was in charge of the closing words to the 50 participating coaches in the workshop, motivating them to put into practice what they learned and informed them that starting in january they will receive their id as coaches, which will be a requirement to participate in the association’s tournaments.

Level III Coaches Course concludes successfully

SANTO DOMINGO, República Dominicana, September 11, 2022.- The NORCECA/FIVB Regional Volleyball Development Center held the closing ceremony of the Level III Coaches Course that started on September 5th in Santo Domingo.

A total of 37 participants, from 14 countries won the Level III Coaches Course under the supervision the Director of the course the Spaniard Luis Muchaga and Cuban Instructor Francisco Cruz Jimenez, both appointed by the International Volleyball Federation FIVB.

The ceremony was presided by Cristobal Marte Hoffiz FIVB Vice President and President of the NORCECA Volleyball Confederation, alongside Amos Anglea Technical Vice President of the Dominican Volleyball Federation.

“I congratulate all the participants and exhort them to work in the development of volleyball in their countries, following your National Federation’s guidelines and that you can pass on all your knowledge to clubs and schools” said Cristobal Marte Hoffiz.

Closing ceremony, Cristobal Marte Hoffiz NORCECA President (center)

Marte Hoffiz stated that the NORCECA Confederation will continue to support the activities and courses proposed by the Development Center.

Also, Amos Anglade wished a great success to all the participants, hoping to see them back in Dominican Republic competing in charge of their national teams.

Prof. Nelson Jose Ramirez, Director of the NORCECA/FIVB Regional Volleyball Development Center said to be satisfied to carry out the course “this is the only Development Center that the FIVB has authorized to carry out courses on site, for which I thank the instructors for their great job”.

Prof. Ramirez made the announcement that the Development Center will have available in November courses of Level I Coaches and a Data Volley, Statistics and Analyzing the opponent.

Level III Coaches Course to go along with Final Six Cup

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, September 3, 2022 – Forty coaches from Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba, Honduras; Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic have registered for the Level III Course to be held in Santo Domingo during the Final Six Women’s Cup.

This is the first authorized by FIVB and NORCECA with the presence of participants and instructors.

The director of the course is the Spaniard Luis Muchaga with the assistance of Cuban

Francisco Cruz Jimenez, who have been working for 10 days with morning and afternoon duties in the facilities of the National Center of Volleyball Development.

All the participants will have the opportunity to use as practice camp all the matches of the Final Six Women’s Cup, which runs from September 5 to 11 at the National Palace of Volleyball Ricardo Arias.

This kind of high level course is only authorized to the Center in Dominican Republic by FIVB and NORCECA for his high degree in organization that puts it as the most functional of the Development Centers around the world.

Live Coaches Course Level II is underway

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, August 3, 2022 – The NORCECA/FIVB Regional Volleyball Development Center in Dominican Republic started on Monday August 1 the Level II Coaches Course with the presence of twenty-one participants hailing from Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

The course sponsored by the NORCECA Confederation has the endorsement of FIVB and runs from August 1 to 5. 

Amos Anglade, vice president of the Dominican Volleyball Federation, pronounced the opening words during a ceremony that took place at the premises of the NORCECA/FIVB Regional Development Center in Santo Domingo. 

Jose Luis Garcia, General Secretary of the Dominican Olympic Committee, Angel Rivas, member of the FEDOVOLI Executive Committee and Yeivic Jimenez of the Statistics Commission of NORCECA also attended the event. 

The director or the course assigned by FIVB is Juan Cartagena of Puerto Rico who is assisted by Alexander Gutierrez of Venezuela and Wilson Sanchez of Dominican Republic. Professor Nelson Ramirez is the director of the Development Center.