AFECAVOL Confirms Working Commissions

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, February 1, 2024. – AFECAVOL Executive Committee and Delegates held a Virtual Session to confirm the Working Commissions, a structure which was established in November 2020.

“Working together for the well-being of our region has been a constant effort by AFECAVOL members”,  said AFECAVOL President, Félix Sabio, in his opening words. “As we start a new year, we ask for the Working Commissions of AFECAVOL to review their performance to strengthen their functions with the knowledge of each of its members”.

AFECAVOL replicated the Working Commissions of NORCECA, aiming to structure the path towards volleyball development and its members, who are projected to expand their knowledge beyond the Central American region.

Félix Sabio emphasized that this year, the NORCECA Congress will be held, where its Working  Commissions will be confirmed, “all NORCECA Commissions have members from AFECAVOL who will be reaffirmed during the congress, and proposals for new members will be presented from our region, providing opportunities for their professional development”.

During the session, coordinators for each AFECAVOL Working Commission were confirmed: Sports Organization Commission: Lic. Félix Sabio; Technical and Coaching Commission: Prof. René Quintana; Development Commission: Ing. Allan Sharp; Beach Volleyball Commission: Ing. Bertha Cuadra; Referee Commission: Prof. Marvin Mora; Press Commission: Lic. Carolina Rivas; VIS Commission: Ing. Judith Sandino; Medical Commission: Dr. Juan Carlos Rodas; Marketing Commission: Lic. Cinthya Velásquez; Legal Commission: Mr. Carlos Enrique Santis; Athletes Commission: Luis Membreño

The importance of the benefits of NORCECA and FIVB support plans for National Federations was highlighted during the meeting, which aims to progressively reduce the competitive gap among the Zonal Associations.

Each Working Commission will present its proposals on February 22 to meet its objectives for the year, which has many competitions and elaborating a schedule that allows proper preparation is a must,  taking in account that each Commission member will undertake their task responsibly.

Félix Sabio concluded the session expressing his gratitude for the commitment of all delegates, stating, “this will be a year of many successes for Central American volleyball”.