All Female Referees officiate NORCECA Boys U19 Pan Am Cup matches

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, March 17, 2023.- Female referees were appointed as first referee of all the matches during the penultimate day of competition at the NORCECA Boys U19 Pan American Cup in Guatemala.

As part of the initiative of gender refereeing equality of the NORCECA Volleyball Confederation, Cristóbal Marte Hoofiz NORCECA president alongside Referee Coach of the event Professor José Luis Jiménez Lao, appointed the four female international referees of the event as First referee in Saturday’s matches as follows:

-Walda Maldonado of Guatemala, semifinal match United States vs Costa Rica

-Cinthya Hernández of Costa Rica, semifinal match Puerto Rico vs Mexico

-María Alejandra Izquierdo of Nicaragua, classification match 5-8 Belize vs Guatemala

-Yeimy Hernández of Dominican Republic, classification match 5-8 Suriname vs Nicaragua

This is complying with one of the decisions taken during a webinar organized by the NORCECA Referee Commission in commemoration of Women’s International Day that seeks for more opportunities for growth and development of female international referees in the region.