Cubans enthusiastic about 2022 season for their men’s team

HAVANA, Cuba, May 31, 2022 – With the presence of Ariel Saínz, vice president of Inder and president of the Cuban Volleyball Federation (FCV), Nicolás Vives, head coach of the national volleyball team, and players, the official presentation was held this morning at the Ciudad Deportiva of the season of the Cuban team of that sport.

“We will have five major events that will constitute a gauge for the World Championship, and other qualifiers for the Central American and Pan American Games,” Sainz said.

“After two years without events scheduled by the FCV, we are back with our competitive system. Tomorrow the Norceca Challenger tournament will begin in the province of Pinar del Río, which will serve as a measure and will contribute significantly to the technical development of volleyball players”.

Saínz informed the press that the national team has a player base that began its international competitive activity in 2017, when it participated in the world championship in the under-21 category. “They were transiting through the contracting policy approved in our country and today they are positioned in world-class leagues.

Along with this, he mentioned the incorporation of players who represent “a pride that militates in the national team, such as the cases of Robertlandy Simón and Maykel Sánchez.”

He also referred to young people who have come from the lower categories and are the base of the group, such as José Miguel Gutiérrez and Julio César Cárdenas. “They would also be within that great group of players that FCV has to fulfill the route of international events.”

In this regard, he announced that from next season there will be news about the signing system.

For his part, Vives, who has just arrived from directing at the Hatta club in the United Arab Emirates, assured that the squad is in shape: “We have been training for about three weeks. The boys are motivated, working mainly on physical aspects and cohesion.

“We have taken advantage of the preparation and the 14 volleyball players that were designated are now ready for the competition in Pinar del Río. This Challenger will allow us to make some changes, move players and everyone participates.

Vives specified that Simón will not be in that tournament, since he was given a break at the end of his season in the Italian league recently. In any case, he assured that they will seek to reach the first place, already thinking about the world championship, which “will be extremely strong. Trust in Cuban volleyball that the athletes will give everything for the country”.

Regarding the prospects of the selection for the upcoming international commitments, Simón told the press that they are good and that he will classify in the different contests. “We will be focused on doing our job and we expect a good result this year.

“As we are Cuban players, we have the potential and characteristic to get where we want, but to do great things we have to work as a group. We have to focus on what we have done internationally and try to bring it together here. I think we can become a great team, the best of all time”, he concluded.