Sean Kelley named U19 Pan American Cup Mosto Valuable Player

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, May 28, 2022. – Sean Kelley of the United States was named the MVP of the fourth edition of the Boys U19 Pan American Cup during the events’ awarding ceremony after the U.S. swept Mexico in the Championship match.

Sean Kelley, the U.S. team captain and MVP, also was awarded as the first Best Spiker, alongside his teammates Tread Rosenthal named Best Setter, Finn Kearney the Best Opposite and Best Server, and Kallen Larson who received the recognitions of Best Libero, Best Receiver and Best Digger.

Sean Kelly USA Most Valuable Player U19 Pan Am Cup

From Puerto Rico, the bronze medalists of the Pan Am Cup, Victor Torres was awarded as second Best Spiker.

David Nassar Cordoba of Costa Rica received the first Best Blocker award and Goran Rafaeli of Chile the second Best Blocker.

The Best Scorer award was handed out to Franklyn De Jesus Reyes of Dominican Republic.

Final Ranking: 1. United States; 2. Mexico; 3. Puerto Rico; 4. Chile; 5. Costa Rica; 6. Guatemala; 7. Dominican Republic; 8. Honduras.