Dominican Ronny Molina, from Cibao, new scoring record at U21 Pan Am Cup

HAVANA, Cuba, 10 de junio de 2023.- “I didn’t play to break a record, I simply play for my team and that’s what I did, but I would have preferred to win the game and keep fifth place form last year, but this is a team effort”, said Dominican Ronny Molina, who scored 39 points against Nicaragua a new scoring record for a match at this age-group.

Outside hitter erased from the booked the 33 points from Estakend Beauvoir of Haiti, also against Nicaragua in 2022 here at Ciudad Deportiva.

He said before the clash against Nicaragua that his coaches told him to enjoy the game without thinking about individual awards, “that’s what I did, I wanted my team to win. When the match ended, assistant Francisco Lerebours confirmed the announcement of the new scoring record in a match and I was happy, of course I was happy”.

With his shiny eyes more than ever, Ronny smiled like a child with a new toy. “I was surprised and happy. I thank God, my coaches, my team, because without them this couldn’t be possible”.

This is the most outstanding performance for the Dominican player, who was here in Havana during the 2022 edition in September when he was 18 years old and being part of the junior team for a year, finishing in sixth among the best scorers.

“In our junior national championship, I used to score between 40 and 47 per match, in four days I totaled more than 200 points”, he shared, while saying that thanks to volleyball he won a scholarship at Universidad Evangélica of Santo Domingo, where he studies nutrition.

“I used to play basketball, but I was convinced to play volleyball and I was determined to be part of the junior national team which I did on June 22 of 2021. We are having good results, thanks to our coaches, especially to Alexander Gutiérrez, I have improved to this level of play”.

“My dream is to be in the senior team, play professional volleyball, help my family and always serve my country and for that you need discipline, that’s a must to reach our goals in life” he was excited to say while commenting he was born far from the capital at north of Dominican Republic, in Villa Los Almácigos, in the Cibao region.  

“Thank you to everyone who came to enjoy volleyball here at the Coliseum, I enjoy playing and will go on working for good performances and earn a spot at the U23 team and come back to Havana in July for the Pan American Cup. I will continue working to be in the senior team, I have lots of desire to continue training and give my best for this sport”.