El Salvador defeats Honduras 3-1

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador, August 17, 2022. The hosts, El Salvador, won 3-1 (23-25/25-15/25-19/25-20) against their similar team from Honduras in a close match that lasted until the fourth set.  

The first set was dominated by El Salvador, but they failed to contain the lead losing 23-25​​to Honduras. 

For the next three sets, the Salvadorans came from less to more to get the victory with partials of 25-15/15-19/25-20.  

Diego Navarro was the top scorer for El Salvador with 21 points and Alejandro Lobo stood out scoring 15 points for the Honduran team.   

El Salvador dominated attacks 53-36, as well as blocks 10-4. El Salvador was superior in services 3-1.   

For this Thursday Honduras will face Panama at 5:00 pm and El Salvador will face Costa Rica at 7:30 pm. Meetings at the Palacio de los Deportes in San Salvador.  

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Diego Guidos ESA fights the ball against Honduras


Gabriel Linares, coach of El Salvador: “The truth is that the first matches are always complex, the anxiety of the boys took its toll on us in the first set. But we managed to get back on track, of the game and thank God we managed to control the last three sets and apply ourselves”.  

Diego Guidos, captain of El Salvador: “The game now, as we expected, a close game, Honduras is a team that we have known for many years, we knew that it was going to be difficult for us, the team entered a little nervous, we have new players, rookies, the anxiety killed us the first set, a set that we had quite dominated and that the lack of experience at the time of closing made it difficult for us, adjustments were made, with some pieces that they have, more experience and those helped us to lead the victory more easily ”   

Marvin Ulloa, coach of the Honduran national team: “I can only say that it was very positive for us, we developed many very young players, we made the debut of the youngest player in the tournament, we leave with a bittersweet taste because if we wanted to win”.  

Alejandro Lobo, captain of Honduras: “We loved playing against the crowd, we didn’t expect defeat but we’re going to keep fighting until the end”.