Nicaragua beats Panama in its first game

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador, August 17, 2022. The Nicaraguan National Team beat its similar team from Panama 3-0 at the start of both teams in the V Men’s U23 Central American Championship.

The first set was very close, both teams came out looking for the victory, ending in favor of Nicaragua 25-23. The second set also favored the Nicaraguans 25-19, leaving them just one set away from winning the match.

The third set finally with a difference of 14 points over Panama, Nicaragua would leave the victory after finishing 25-11 this set.

The attacks were led by Nicaragua with a figure of 43 while Panama made 34. The blockade was dominated 13 to 3 for the Nicaraguans. Nicaragua outscored Panama in service 2-0.

Axel Gutiérrez was the player with the most points for Nicaragua with 16 and for Panama Gherson Ortiz scored 18 points for his team.

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Christian Flores PAN attempts to block Yesdy Pacheco NCA


Jorge Mena, coach of Nicaragua: “Today’s game was strong, we always look forward to that game against Panama, and we try to get a result as quickly as possible, we started from less to more, along the way we improved some things, and try to go step by step, game by game, we haven’t won and prepare for tomorrow”.

Jonathan Caballero, coach of Panama: “Today’s match is a very complicated match, with a team from Nicaragua, very close, you can see the work that Nicaragua did, as far as we have been working on it, with the talent that we have a match strong, and this is just beginning and I know that the boys from Panama will continue fighting to opt for the podium”.

John Morales, captain of Nicaragua: “Today’s game was a game to get together as a team, to be able to complement each other, to be able to finish some possible plays for the following stronger games, we can’t say that this game was easy but it helped us to get together more ”Cristhian Flores, Captain of the Panamanian National Team: “In today’s match with Nicaragua, an easy match was never expected, it was a very close match, quite difficult, some sets where many played the aerial ball, the ball in the corners , the first game is where there are more nerves and more tension and the Nicaraguan team was able to take the victory”.