Financial And Legal Presentations Discussed At The FIVB Board Of Administration Meeting

FIVB accounts 2022 approved alongside some changes to the FIVB Regulations

The FIVB Board of Administration meeting continued today with the 2022 Accounts and legal presentations, as well as the reiteration of the initial decision, in line with the latest IOC recommendations, regarding the participation of the national teams from Russia and Belarus in international and continental events.

During the meeting, the Board of Administration approved the Business Report 2022 – Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet, as well as the report of the FIVB Controller 2022 and the Deloitte External Auditors’ Report 2022.

Additionally, the Board of Administration was presented with the legal presentation and proposals of the Legal Commission, which included changes to a number of FIVB Regulations, the appointment of the FIVB Disciplinary Panel and approval of the CAVB Constitution.

Following the detailed review of the FIVB Legal Commission, the FIVB Board of Administration also reiterated its previous decision that all Russian and Belarusian national teams, clubs, officials and beach volleyball and snow volleyball athletes are not eligible to participate in all international and continental events until further notice, which is in line with the latest IOC recommendations. It has also been decided not to display Russia and Belarus in the World Rankings for the duration of their non-participation at events as their ranking points remain frozen as per the decision of the FIVB Board of Administration in October 2022.