Guatemala triumphs over Costa Rica at the start of Central American U23

SAN SALVADOR, August 17, 2022 – The Guatemalan U23 National Team defeated the Costa Rican National Team with a score of 3-0, in the first match of the V Men’s U23 Central American Championship of AFECAVOL. 

The meeting that began at 2:00 pm at the Palacio de los Deportes in San Salvador, presented the Guatemalans, current champions of the Tournament, as favorites. 

The first set went to the defending champions, who took a six-point lead to finish the set 25-19. 

The second set also favored Guatemala, 25 to 17, dominating over the Ticos from start to finish. In the final third set, Chapines beat the Costa Ricans 25-21, thus achieving victory. 

The top scorer of the match for Guatemala was its captain Francisco Gamboa with a total of 12 points and for Costa Rica with 9 points Dowshel Smith. 

The next meeting for these two teams will be this Thursday when at 2:00 pm Guatemala faces Nicaragua and Costa Rica meets the hosts El Salvador. 

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Francisco Gamboa GUA against CRC block


Reiner Luchas, coach of Guatemala: “We had the first match of the competition against Costa Rica, a match with many ups and downs for both teams, we had many better moments than the Costa Rican team, the boys knew how to win the fundamental points and that was which gave us the fret to victory”. 

Arturo Solano, Coach of Costa Rica: “A very complicated game because it was the first game, we had to be very focused when it came to getting it out, which was one of the objectives, we didn’t achieve it anyway, the team that made the fewest mistakes was the one that went to win the game.” 

Francisco Gambia, captain of Guatemala: “By the grace of God we had our first victory against Costa Rica, tomorrow we will wake up with more spirits, to face Nicaragua face to face” 

Josué Rojas, captain of Costa Rica: “We faced a very difficult rival, however we were able to play a better game and prepare for tomorrow at 7:30pm to face El Salvador.”