Honduras wins bronze medal by beating Nicaragua 

Belize City, July 16, 2022.- Honduras defeated Nicaragua 3-0 (25-23, 25-19, 25-18) to secure third place in the XIX Central American U21 Women’s Volleyball Championship.

The Hondurans, last champions in the Under 20 tournament three years ago, were 2-2, while Nicaragua was in fourth place with 1-3.

Honduras was better in blocking 10-4 and dominated in serves 9-4, with 4 “aces” by Andrea Aceituno who was the top scorer with 20 points… Nicaragua was better in attack 38-30, with Gilmary Smith with 11 points , although they committed 26 errors for 14 of their opponents.

Andrea Aceituno, of Honduras, against Francesca Medrano, of Nicaragua

Gabriela Gómez, captain of Honduras: “I am very proud of us, we came from less to more, all this is for the honor and glory of God; From the beginning we came with the idea of ​​winning this championship, it didn’t happen to us, but we managed to stay on the podium, despite everything, getting that third place against a Nicaragua that always fights”.

Marvin Ulloa, coach of Honduras: “I am satisfied with this game, but not because of the fact that we lost against Guatemala, because we had to win… today, thank God, we were able to control our anxiety, we received a couple of talks via zoom and that helped us a lot . I think we played better yesterday than today, but Nicaragua did not perform as I expected, I thought they could make the game more difficult”.

Since 2017, Honduras has achieved two titles, one in Sub 18 and another in Sub 20, in addition to a third place in 2019 in the Sub 18 category.