Mavis Guilarte, Cuban volleyball star, supporting NORCECA Final Six 

TEPIC, Nayarit, Mexico, July 16, 2022.- Mavis Guilarte Fernandez, Cuban volleyball star, resides in Tepic contributing to the development of sports in Nayarit, has been supporting and enjoying the Men’s Pan American Cup NORCECA Final Six being played at the Amado Nervo Auditorium.   

Mavis, ex member of the legendary team “Morenas del Caribe”, Olympic Gold Medalist in 1971 and 1975, as well as Pan American Gold of the 1979 Games in Puerto Rico, explains that this is an opportunity for the youth of Nayarit and Mexican athletes. 

“Bringing such an important international event of great transcendence motivates young players who want to practice highly competitive volleyball,” said Mavis; “I want to thank the State’s sport authorities of Nayarit to show our young community the beauty of volleyball” she added. 

With her charisma and sixteen years of trajectory representing Cuba, that among other achievements, she was member of the first Latin American women volleyball team to win a World Championship in 1978 in the extinct Soviet Union, came to Nayarit twenty years ago as part of a joint agreement between Cuba and Mexico. 

“In 1992, came in a group of 156 Cuban sport experts in methodology, medicine and coaching to contribute to the development of sport in this beautiful country; with my experience and knowledge have served to motivate a new generation of athletes of the State of Nayarit” she expressed. 

Thanks to Mavis Guilarte’s great work during that agreement, she returned to Nayarit to coach the women’s volleyball team that has been national champion. 

Mavis also explained that volleyball continues to be a sport with distinctive characteristics, over time it has evolved into a great attraction, more competitive and of great difficulty that makes it unique. 

“There are new rules since I played, for example, every action is a point and it’s faster, but it continues to be very technical and tactic” she added. 

In her trajectory as a coach, she has been coach of the Mexican national team and of Nayarit, “I have lived the evolution of volleyball and now I can observe that every team has searched for players to be more specialized, with physical traits to perform a specific game position, which contributes for teams to be more competitive”. 

Mavis left a message to volleyball athletes, “this is a demanding sport, it teaches to play as a team, for each one to contribute individually to benefit the team and mostly it’s a family sport that promotes human beings to serve their societies”.