Impressive win for Canada in five sets 

PONCE, PUERTO RICO, August 9, 2023.- Canada impressively defeated Peru in five thrilling (3-2) sets on the fourth day of the XX Senior Women’s Volleyball Pan American Cup at the Juan “Pachín” Vicéns Auditorium in Ponce. 

Canada (2-1) achieved its second victory with a score of 25-22, 25-21, 22-25, 13-25 and 15-6. 

After winning the first two sets, the Canadian team suffered from a revival of Peru’s offense accompanied by effective blocking and defense. Peru rallied and convincingly won the third and fourth sets to spark a fifth set. 

Then, Canada made a magnificent comeback in the game by mercilessly dominating the fifth set, 15-6, and taking the important victory. 

Canadians Andrea Mitrovic and Hilary Howe contributed 19 points each. Mitrovic with 17 attacks, one block and one ace; Howe with 17 kills, 2 blocks; and Shainah Joseph added 11 points (10 attacks, one ace). For Peru, captain Karla Ortiz with 17 points (14 attacks, 3 blocks); Ysabella Sánchez with 16 points (15 attacks, one block); and María Paula Rodríguez with 14 points (12 kills, 2 blocks). 

Canada celebrates the win

Peru (1-2) will face Colombia (2-1) tomorrow at 2:00 p.m., and Canada (2-1) closes the preliminary round tomorrow against the United States (3-0) at 6:00 p.m. 

Shannon Winzer, Coach of Canadá: “I think anytime you’re able to win in five sets when you’re pushed to that fifth set and winning, I think that’s always a nice feeling. We still need to find a way to play consistently. I thought we controlled first contact well, but finding solutions on attack versus a very strong Peru defense was difficult for us tonight, so we must keep trying to find ways to find those attacking solutions. It is an important victory for us. I think this should guarantee us into the quarterfinals, so tonight was an important game for us for sure”. 

Francisco Hervas Tirado, Coach of Peru: “Playing well and losing is part of what happens sometimes. The team showed a good face today and the girls fought a lot, and they took the game to the moment we were able to win it. Unfortunately, in the fifth set, we weren’t able to find the rhythm at the beginning and it was already very difficult for us against the Canadian team who are very strong, very physical. But, we are happy and the girls have made a great effort. Now it’s time to think about tomorrow’s game. Tomorrow is another story and we will start from scratch”.