Men’s Volleyball ready to kick off at the 2023 CAC Games

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador, June 27, 2023.- The Men’s Volleyball Tournament at the 24th edition of the Central American and Caribbean Games of San Salvador 2023 is ready to kick off on Wednesday June 28 at the Sports Palace Carlos El Famoso Hernández.

On the eve of the competition, members of the NORCECA control committee were divided in two groups to carry out the competition hall inspection, the practical clinic and the preliminary inquiries.

The general technical meeting took place at University of El Salvador (UES) where the seven of the eight coaches commented about their expectations. Cuba was expected to arrive later during the day.

Alexander Gutiérrez, Head Coach of Dominican Republic: “We are going to continue showing how much our team has improved and try to finish in the best position taking into account that we are in the toughest group of the tournament”.

Gabriel Linares, Head Coach of El Salvador: “Our gymnasium was being remodeled for the Games, so we had some difficulties to start training at the same court. We had friendly matches against teams that improved our development, in Colombia and Costa Rica. We are with great energy and optimism to give a step forward in improving El Salvador’s’ volleyball”.

Reider Lucas, Head Coach of Centro Caribe Sports (GUA): “This is a highly competitive tournament, the Central American and Caribbean Games is huge, and we want to advance with the group that was able to prepare a little more, our goal is to qualify to the next round, looking for the best possible result for Guatemala”. 

Preliminary Inquiry

Jorge Azair, Head Coach of Mexico: “The goal is the gold medal, yes it will be hard, but we’ve worked, and the guys have improved their level of play and gained more confidence. The team is motivated, happy. Pedro Rangel is the only player who has been at the Central American Games, so they are all excited for their first time. This tournament is different, the players socialize with other sports and countries, the surroundings are motivating”.

Oswald Antonetti, Head Coach of Puerto Rico: “We are coming to defend our title, to keep on improving; it’s a long tournament. We are going to work on our unity, stress the importance of team effort and practice all the tactical-technical skills that we must improve during this tournament. We are bringing only two players from the generation that won in 2018, this is a group who we trust, and we are going to work to forge it”.

Carlos Orta Fellove, Head Coach of Surinam: “We are coming to play but most of all to learn from more experienced teams here, but we have some goals as well, winning at least two or three matches, maybe against  El Salvador or Guatemala. This is a new squad, their first time here at CAC Games. It’s important that we are going to learn for the future and to prepare for our Caribbean Championship”.

Gideon Dickson, Head Coach of Trinidad & Tobago: “We had a four-month preparation cycle in expectation to come here and be competitive in every match, but we are also preparing for our most important tournament, the CVC Championship (CAZOVA Senior Championship) in one month’s time. This tournament will be a great first to measure where we are and where we want to go. Our guys are excited to be here”.