Nicaragua the one to beat at U21 Men’s AFECAVOL  

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, October 17, 2022.- The seven Central American countries are in Managua to compete at the nineteenth U21 Men’s AFECAVOL Central American Championship that starts on Tuesday at Alexis Argüello Gymnasium.

Nicaragua has won two consecutive titles (2017, 2019) and everyone says they are the opponent to beat, while hosting the event, but they concur it will be a tournament with strong battles and none of them will be easy.

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Albert Humes, coach of Belize

“We are continuing with the U19 program, we have a good young team, we are mentally prepared for the tournament, I believe we can have a good result and reach the podium”.

Miguel Pagoaga, coach of Honduras

“We have a young and enthusiastic group that have been preparing during the year in different tournaments. We are here to work and battle to reach the podium, we have prepared for that, and we hope we can do it”.

Reider Lucas, coach of Guatemala

“We will try to have a good competition; our boys eager to play. It’s a category in development and we believe some players will have a good performance. We will play with a positive attitude and will battle one game at a time”.

Alexander Polanco, coach of El Salvador

“We are coming to give a fight, good games, hoping for excellent results and to battle for a medal. We have several experienced players that have played in under 23 national teams, where we finished third place, and we have three youngsters who are competing for the first time and others who were in Honduras for the under 19”.

Jorge Mena, coach of Nicaragua

“We are going to try to top the podium, or finish among the top three places and climb positions. We are the current champions, and we will defend the title with our soul, life and heart, even more because we are at home”.

Alberto Blanco, coach of Costa Rica

“This is a tournament we take seriously; we have prepared well, we are aware it wont be easy, the teams have prepared strongly, better than previous years, especially Nicaragua who competed at the Pan American Cup in Cuba, and despite knowing every team is difficult, Nicaragua is the one to beat”.

Jonathan Caballero, team manager of Panama

“We have boys with a lot of courage, eager to win a place at the podium. They are young players, with high expectations and motivated to do things well and represent our country well”.

The tournament starts on Tuesday at 2:00 pm with the match between Honduras and Guatemala. At 4:00 pm Belize faces El Salvador, at 6:00 pm the opening ceremony, followed by Nicaragua against Panama.