St. Lucia bags majority of awards at ECVA Female Championship

PHILLIPSBURG, St. Maarten October 16, 2022.When St. Lucia returns home from the ECVA championship with their luggage overloaded with seven individual awards from the twelve total handed out during the closing ceremony.

Kerin Neptune of St. Lucia was recognized as the Most Valuable Player MVP. She played in the outside hitting position and was also judged the best in that category as well and featured as the best server and best receiver, for a total of four individual awards.

Also from St. Lucia, the second outside hitter was Amalia Louis and Tyna William one of the middle blocking awards. Chenoa Evans was granted the best opposite.

Shoranda Pickering picked up two awards for BVI, best scorer and best middle blocker.

Tivona Trotman was the one to get two awards for St. Maarten, best Libero and the best digger.

The remaining award went to Jomelar Billy of Grenada as the best setter.

ECVA Women’s Championship Individual Awards

The final team positions were

1. St. Lucia

2. BVI

3. Antigua

4. St. Maarten

5. Grenada

6. Anguilla

7. St. Eustatius

The next female competition is slated for 2025.