Nicola Negro to coach Mexican Women’s National Team

MONTERREY, Mexico, January 4, 2023.- The Mexican Volleyball Federation announced that Italian Nicola Negro has been hired as the new coach for their women’s volleyball team.

Nicola will be virtually introduced to the players, since he is currently coaching the Brazilian Super League and is expected to arrive in Mexico in April alongside an assistant coach and a physical trainer, to begin the preparation of the national team for the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador and the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile, to be held in June and October, respectively.

“I am very happy and honored to be the new coach of the Mexican women’s team, we are going to live a great adventure together; see you later everyone,” Negro said yesterday in a brief message sent from Brazil.

Nicola Negro with a 22 year trajectory as a coach, made an agreement with the Mexican Volleyball Federation and the FIVB as part of the Volleyball Empowerment Program this past Saturday.

“We continue betting big”, commented Jesús Perales Navarro, President of the Mexican Volleyball Federation. “Negro is an experienced coach and has excellent results where he has directed, we have great expectations for him” he added.

Up to 2013, Negro served as an assistant in the top leagues in Turkey, Italy, Poland and Azerbaijan, with more than 200 games. That year he began his head coaching career in Poland, later moving on to Italy, Romania and Slovenia.

In 2019 he moved to Brazil to coach Itambé Minas, ranked number four in 2021 and fifth in 2019 at the Club World Cup. He received the “Best Coach” trophy of the Brazilian league in 2020 and 2021.

Between 2020 and 2022 he won two Brazilian championships and one cup, two South American and one Mineiro, all with Itambé Minas. As of May 10, 2022, he led 600 official series, 291 of them as head coach, winning 206 games and losing 85.