Félix Sabio prepares proposals for AFECAVOL

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, January 18, 2023.- AFECAVOL President Félix Sabio held an important working session in Guatemala with AFECAVOL General Secretary Carlos Enrique Santis Rangel to present several proposals for the improvement of volleyball in the Central American zone.

The objective of Sabio’s two day visit in Guatemala was to discuss several details about AFECAVOL 2023 activities to develop and improve the sport in Central America.

Among the topics discussed were the actions of the Central American Volleyball Association legal status in Guatemala.

The 2023 events were another matter discussed, prior to the AFECAVOL General Assembly that will be held in Guatemala City at the end of February or beginning of March.  

Felix Sabio AFECAVOL President in working session with Enrique Santis AFECAVOL General Secretary and other AFECAVOL members

Also, the working commission meetings were scheduled, where information will be prepared for discussion at the General Assembly.

In another project for this year that President Felix Sabio presented, is the agreement with new strategic allies that will contribute to his objectives set for the region.