North, Central Volleyball Zone Meeting Sets Stage for Strategic Collaboration

PONCE, Puerto Rico, May 11, 2024.- The North, Central Volleyball Zonal Association  NCVA  convened for its general assembly  on Friday at Ponce, Puerto Rico, emphasizing important actions towards fortifying regional volleyball dynamics.

The assembly had the attendance of all its National Federation affiliates, Volleyball Canada, represented by Mark Eckert, USA Volleyball represented by Jamie Davis, the Mexican Volleyball Federation, FMVB represented by its President, Jesús Perales Navarro, the Cuban Volleyball Federation, FCV, represented by its President, Ariel Sainz Rodriguez, the Dominican Volleyball Federation, FEDOVOLI, represented by its 1st Executive Vice President, Cristobal Marte Hoffiz, and the Puerto Rican Volleyball Federation, FPV, represented by its President, Dr. Cesar Trabanco, and the NORCECA General Director, Arateide Caceres Hernandez.

Cristobal Marte Hoffiz had an active participation, presenting important information about NORCECA NCVA Zonal Championships as well as age-group tournaments, and the distribution of Mikasa Volleyball Equipment.

All representatives deliberated on pivotal agenda points vital to the advancement and cohesion of volleyball in the zone.

Mark Eckert of Canada was unanimously reelected  Zonal President and will serve for a new four term period (2024-2028).

The participants engaged in constructive dialogue to streamline the allocation of world ranking points, a crucial aspect influencing team placements and competitive dynamics within the zone and on the global stage.

Calendars were meticulously reviewed to harmonize schedules for both indoor volleyball and beach volleyball events, fostering enhanced coordination and collaboration across tournaments, and ensuring optimal player participation and fan engagement.

A general overview of the 2024 NORCECA Congress was discussed, focusing on strategic initiatives to maximize the NORCECA Confederation as a whole, with a collective focus on advocating for the region’s interests and leveraging opportunities for growth and the level of competition.

Representatives from each member nation, confirmed their commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation underscores the shared vision of advancing the North, Central Volleyball Zone as a powerhouse in the global volleyball arena.

Commenting on the outcomes of the meeting, Cristobal Marte remarked, “this gathering shows the spirit of unity and collaboration that defines our zone. By aligning our efforts and forging strategic partnerships, we are poised to elevate the caliber of volleyball excellence across North and Central America, and the Caribbean, thereby reinforcing our collective impact on the global stage.”

The North, Central Volleyball Zone looks forward to leveraging the momentum generated by this meeting to propel the region towards new heights of success and excellence.